Sunday, November 25, 2018

Thankful Author 2018- Tess Thompson

My heart is practically bursting with thankfulness. It's been an incredible year for me, both personally and professionally. 

My blended family of four kids and five cats is thriving. We've all lived together for 2.5 years now and I'm happy to report that we've all adjusted. Blending four kids is not easy, but we all hung in there and function like any other family. Squabbles, messy rooms, moody teenagers, but lots of laughter and joy too. 

Okay, truth told, we do have one problem. Our naughty cat Shadow tries to beats up on Mittens and Midnight, thus spends a lot of time on the naughty step. (A cat condo in the garage). Still, I'm thankful for our crazy cats. They make me laugh every day. 

I'm thankful for my beautiful daughters and my sweet Bonus Sons. I'm astonished by their intelligence, huge hearts, work ethics, and compassion. I couldn't ask for better kids. I'm so proud of's really hard not to brag about them constantly but then I might not have any friends so I'll leave it at that.

My career has exploded since this time last year. I hit the USA Today Bestseller list! My new series has found its way into many new readers hearts. I wrote six books since this time last year! A personal best. I hope to inch that number up next year. I'm truly blessed to spend my days creating worlds from the tips of my fingers. It's taken ten years of hard work, but every ounce of blood, sweat and tears brought me closer to my dreams. 

None of my success would be possible had I not found my true love four years ago. He's made everything happen with his love and support of my dreams. My husband, Cliff, shouldered the financial responsibility of our family so I could pursue my writing career. He never once complained or expressed any doubt that someday it would all come to fruition. He always said when I expressed worry or doubt about my talent or ever finding success with my books: "Not if, honey, but when." So, this year I'm most thankful for my husband. All roads lead back to him. 

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful holiday season. Blessings. 

Tess Thompson
USA Today Bestselling Author 

Love takes a village...
The Village of Cliffside Bay to be exact.


One career-ending mistake sends Lance Mullen home to Cliffside Bay in search of a fresh start. And in no time at all, home begins to feel like the place he was always meant to be. With his beautiful new beach house, his friends and family close by, and a profitable business to grow, life really is good. That is until his heart tries to wreck everything... again.

After losing her mother, child and marriage, Mary Hansen has built a nearly impenetrable wall around her heart. She's convinced her dream job, a few growing friendships, and a never-ending stream of books to fill her evenings are enough for a contented if not all together joyous life. Though she's on guard not to get too close to anyone, one careless moment with Lance will shatter her prospects for an uncomplicated future.

The fifth installment of The Cliffside Bay Series by bestselling author Tess Thompson follows the interwoven stories of five best friends, the beach community they love, and the women who captivate them. Prepare to get lost in a wave of small town charm, men you would love to take home to your mother, and smart, resilient heroines you wished lived next door.

Tainted: Lance & Mary by USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson releases November 26th.


About Tess

Like most of her characters, Tess Thompson hails from a small town and will always feel like a small town girl, despite the fact she’s lived in Seattle for over twenty-five years. She loves music and dancing, books and bubble baths, cooking and wine, movies and snuggling. She cries at sappy commercials and thinks kissing in the rain should be done whenever possible. Although she tries to act like a lady, there may or may not have been a few times in the last several years when she’s gotten slightly carried away watching the Seattle Seahawks play, but that could also just be a nasty rumor.

She currently lives in a suburb of Seattle, Washington with her brand new husband, the hero of her own love story, and their Brady Bunch clan of two sons, two daughters and five cats, all of whom keep her too busy, often confused, but always amazed. Yes, that’s four kids and five cats. Pray for her.


Tess Thompson Romance...hometowns and heartstrings.

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