Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thankful Author- Sorchia DuBois

Thanks for Nothing—Turning Bad to Good
By Sorchia DuBois

I have plenty to be thankful for—good friends, a healthy family, a writing career in the works, and so much more. But before I talk about some of those normal things, I want to give thanks to some people who may not expect it—or want it--but who’ve served a positive purpose for me.
I’m thankful for all the people who told me I couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t write, including these:

A college counselor who discouraged me from seeking a writing degree and told me that teaching was about the best I could expect. I listened to him and did go into teaching—a job I both loved and hated. He was right that writing is a hard profession to make a living at, but he was wrong to prick holes in my and probably many other students’ dreams.

Family members and friends who couldn’t care less, don’t want to hear about, and actually laugh when I say I’m an author.  I admit this one hurts a bit. You can’t choose your family and sometimes old friends grow away from each other for many reasons, but it’s pretty deflating when the very people you think have your back just don’t care about an important part of your life.

Strangers who get “that look” when I tell them I write paranormal romance. These are probably the same people who want to ban books they’ve never read. I’ve been told how romance is really porn, how paranormal stories are sinful, and how reading fiction is a big waste of time from total strangers who for some reason feel the need to spread black clouds all over book signings.
I am as thankful for these experiences as I am for the good times. Nobody wants to linger over such things, but every time a new book comes out, every time a good review comes in, every time somebody says “Gee, I admire what you are doing” or “I had such a good time reading your book,” I can’t help but put an imaginary mark on my side of the ledger. 

 All of these experiences remind me that self-worth doesn’t come from anything external—it’s already inside. Like any skill or muscle, you have to exercise it and these downers give me a chance to do just that.  I’m motivated at least a little by the satisfaction of proving them wrong and I am a stronger, more centered person because of them. The best revenge is to live a successful life!

On a more positive note, I’m incredibly thankful for The Wild Rose Press. My editor, Mary Harmony, is a joy to work with. Her comments are always spot on and my book is better for her suggestions and careful editing. The cover design by Debbie Tayler is wonderful. From Rhonda Penders and RJ Morris in the lead to Lisa in marketing and especially to the tireless support of TWRP authors, I am thankful from the bottom of my witchy little heart.  I am very glad to be working with this talented bunch of motivated people.

I’m thankful, of course, that my latest release—Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones—is out and doing nicely (another mark on the ledger for me.)  To learn more about the book and grab your own copy—and enter the Release Celebration Giveaway for a smoky quartz necklace—visit http://wp.me/P6fSsM-ra


The foyer of Castle Logan would swallow my entire shop and ask for seconds. Twin flights of marble steps lined with life-sized portraits of Logan matriarchs and patriarchs wind upward on opposite sides of the room. Pausing with a landing at each of three levels of the building, the staircases converge on a hallway overlooking the foyer. Doorways open on each level, leading deeper into the upper stories of the wing. Directly below the open hallway, cleverly designed pocket doors stand partly open to reveal the drawing room and the rest of the Logans within. Curious black eyes turn our way. I feel as out of place as a pig at the prom.
The scrutiny doesn’t stop with curious glances. Questions hang in the air thick as gnats along the river and twice as biting. I still feel like a pig, only this time in the deli section near the hot dogs. Michael, the bastard, can barely contain his humor.
“They really don’t bite.” His lips close to my ear send a tingle down my spine. “At least, not all of them and certainly not at first.”

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  1. I loved this blog. I have been told on occasions in my life I would not succeed, but kept going. I am thankful for having other writers like you who get what we as writers are doing and going through.

  2. Great post. I'm still trying to figure out why other people discourage the dreamers among us. These are the creative people who stare off into space and silently say to themselves, "What if.....?" I'm also blown away by people who come to my table when I'm at a show or book signing and say, "I don't read books." And then they walk away. What is the purpose of telling me that? They wear "non-reading" like a badge of honor. Yikes!

  3. Wonderful post, Sorchia. Yes, I, too, have had those looks when I've told others I write paranormal romance. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  4. I had such a good time reading your book! Please write another one. Soon. The naysayers live on their own planet in their own dark cloud. Let's ignore them.

  5. Oh boy did you hit the nail on the head. Those dubious looks and the amazement when one of those people see your book. Worth a thousand words. Loved your post. Will check out your book. Thanks for sharing

  6. Inspiring post! You've proven that taking the high road and focusing on your inner strength reaps rewards. Onward!

  7. Awesome encouragement for someone who is not sure if they should follow their dreams or not! When in doubt, always go for the dream!

  8. Great post. So glad you followed your heart and your dream!

  9. Thanks so much to all of you who read and commented. I got the flu--or some other low-level plague--at the beginning of November and am just now feeling as if I may survive after all--hence this tardy response. Your support and kind words warm the cockles of my heart (not sure what heart cockles really are, but they are warm, I can tell you that.) Thanks, Angela, for hosting this month-long event!