Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thankful Author 2017- Liz Flaherty

I’m grateful for second chances. And sometimes thirds. How much we would lose from our lives if we didn’t give them—and receive them.
This came from the 27th of 30 Days of Gratitude on Facebook. After I’d missed a day. This morning, when an email from Angela Hayes reminded me I’d missed the deadline for being a Thankful Author, I realized how very often we need second chances. And how very often, if we’re lucky, we get to give them.
Like a lot of others I know, I’ve found the last couple of years difficult in more ways than I can relate here. With the New Year coming, I have a new determination that it’s going to be a good one. I hope you find the Magic Time that has been my mantra this season.
Part of my magic this year—and one of the things I’m grateful for again and again—is having a novella in the Heartwarming Holiday Wishes box set and—in a few days now—a brand new Harlequin Heartwarming release, The Happiness Pact. Every new book is like a second chance.
Have blessed holidays, everyone!

Liz Flaherty thinks one of the things that keeps you young when you quite obviously aren’t anymore is the constant chances you have to reinvent yourself. Her latest professional incarnation is as a Harlequin Heartwarming author and she is enjoying every minute! She’d love to hear from you at lizkflaherty@gmail.com or please come and see her at http://www.facebook.com/lizkflaherty


  1. Second chances are fabulous. Sometimes I wish everything in life had a do-over button. Then again, sometimes we learn a lot from things that didn't happen the way we thought they should.

    1. Am I ever there with you on a do-over button! Of course, it would probably be worn out by now.

  2. We must remember ourselves when giving second chances.