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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thankful Author 2017- Lin Weich

I am thankful for all the life experiences that have enabled this primary school teacher to do a 180 degree turn and become an author of suspense thrillers. I never in my wildest dreams expected or even wanted to become a writer.
I am thankful that:
- I was blessed with an adventurous childhood.
- I enjoyed many varied teaching experiences in rural and small town schools.
- I’ve participated in outdoor activities such as kayaking, wilderness camping and winter sports.
- I have traveled to many areas of our beautiful planet including Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, South America and of course Europe.
- I am supported by a network of family and friends who never fail to encourage, prod and cheer me on in my writing endeavours.
- I live in a small town where people share their life stories and philosophies.

Writers draw from their experiences, embellish the truth and let their imaginations run freely. I am truly thankful for these tools and a little bit of talent.


Behind her back they call her “The Black Widow”.
Daphne McNeil has been widowed four times in ten years. Each time, her husbands have left her considerable sums of money. She finds that she must use these inheritances to support her beloved charities. The money does not go far enough and with increasing financial pressures, she becomes desperate.
When Steve Johnson, a forensic scientist, discovers human remains in an isolated lake near Daphne’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, he unwittingly puts himself in danger.
He begins to suspect the beautiful widow is not as innocent as she seems. Will he become her next victim? 


He stood up to his knees in fetid muskeg, his breath coming in jagged gulps. Adrenaline pumping through his exhausted body, he slid his hand into the cavity under the edge of a crumbling bank. Sweeping his fingers around the dark, narrow space, he struck a solid, cold, hard object. He tugged and pulled at the plastic container, easing it out of its hiding place.
Success. The rush from the find made the hours of trekking through this swampy scrubland worthwhile. He forgot the mosquitos and blackflies biting every inch of exposed flesh; forgot the chill seeping up his legs; forgot the numbness in his toes from his waterlogged hiking boots. He’d found this geocache using only a compass and topographical maps. He had honoured the memory of his dad and did it old school.
Smiling and chuckling, he peeled off the duct tape surrounding the faded, green plastic container. Inside were half-a-dozen rabbit foot key chains, the usual logbook and pencil, and a note that simply said, ‘You’re fortunate to have found this cache. I wish you the best of luck as you journey through life.’
Reaching into the zippered pouch on the front of his backpack, Steve withdrew his own treasure: a piece of amber with an ancient insect trapped inside. Holding it in his hand for a few moments, he remembered when this memento had been given to him. His father had found the amber on one of their hiking trips in the foothills of Alberta. Later that evening while sitting around the dying embers of their campfire, his father had made a bit of a production giving the pretty stone to him. While mumbling something about always remembering their trips in the wilds, he’d gruffly passed the hand-warmed treasure over to him.
 Steve gave the amber one last stroke with his thumb and placed it in the worn tub. He hoped the treasure would pass through many hands as it continued on its own journey.
Taking up the pencil nub and selecting a fresh page in the notebook, he carefully scribed the date, how long it had taken him to find the cache, the fact that he’d seen three deer and a grizzly on his way in, and the most important thing, that he had honoured his father.

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Biography and Publication History

I am a recently retired educator and live with my husband in Quesnel, BC. My journey through life has taken me from England, Africa and throughout Canada. My hobbies include kayaking, wilderness camping, photography, reading and writing.

Writing has taken me by surprise and consumes my days. My first novel Strength of an Eagle was inspired by the disappearance of women along the ‘Highway of Tears ’and the drug smuggling problems in Northern BC. In creating Half Truths, Total Lies, I drew upon my experiences as a teacher in both urban and rural settings. Alone, is a psychological suspense, set on Canada’s West Coast. Widow’s Luck is my latest novel.

I have had articles published in Our Canada, More of Our Canada and BCRTA, Postscript. Several photographic essays have been included in the Royal Photographic Society (Canada) on-line magazine.

Thankful Author 2017- Cam Johns

What I'm Thankful For:

There's so many things I can actually be thankful for: my health, my family, having a home and someone to celebrate the holidays with. But, what I'm most thankful for is the person that started me on the path of writing and publishing. Who holds me up and pushes me forward, even when there are some that try to hold me down and keep me complacent. That person is my fiance, Kasib. 

I'm sure most of you don't know much about me, but I began writing shortly after he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. You hear the words come from the doctor and of course your shocked, and don't really know where to go from there, or even what to expect. So, you go home, you research...and research and let the internet scare you half to death with all the "possibilities" of what might be. I'm not going to lie, MS is a debilitating disease both for the person who has it, and the person's partner. But what makes me so proud of him, is that not once did he let this disease keep him from his happiness...from his willingness to continue his life without complaining, with a "woe is me" outlook. It's amazing to witness.

So, that's what I'm thankful for. To have someone in my life that has tremendous will, and ambition to keep on regardless of the obstacle that life puts in front of him. It's what pushes me to continue with my dreams, and I will be forever grateful.

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Book One: Arousing Consequences


Exposing the truth…giving into salacious desire…finding love.

If you’re a fan of authors Zane or E.L. James, then Arousing Consequences is definitely for you! Book One introduces Karisma Washington who has just graduated college and looking forward to moving on with her life following the untimely murder of her father Blair Washington. If it weren't for the constant support of her boyfriend, Kevin Matthews, there's no telling how deep her depression would have taken her. Support she thought she couldn't live without, which carried their relationship regardless of the discontent building between them.

Here it is a few years later, and she's now ready to start her career at the top Rehabilitation Center of Seattle. The place where characters come into play compelling desires, elation and internal struggles in her life to come into focus. Karisma is finally impelled to realize her life is worth more than Mr. Right Now. But was it really for the better? Lies told, truths withheld, and sexual thoughts arise. Where all choices are forced to face consequences.

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Book Two: Arousing Secrets


Finding my way back into her arms.

There comes a time in a man’s life when he must face the past, to build his future. I tried avoiding it at all costs. Tried masking it. Even tried putting it back to that far side of my brain where my secrets hide. Then, everything changed when I met her. The woman of my dreams. My future. My soul. Karsima. Our life together thus far hasn’t been blissful and let’s face it, she’s been stalked…shot…and above all, deceived. By everyone, including myself.

Seeing her leave, carrying my child only intensifies my desire to keep her in my life and there’s only one way to do that. My secrets have to be revealed. As our saga continues, I can only pray that our love will withstand what was done in the dark.

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