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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thankful Author 2016- Mary Gillgannon

I’m very thankful that in my life I’ve had the opportunity to travel and experience new places and realities. I think my passion for travel comes from my father. Although we had little money, we still took regular vacations, staying with family or camping out. Growing up in the Midwest, he took us to visit museums and libraries in Chicago and Milwaukee. In the summer we went west to where my mother’s family lived and drove all over Wyoming, to the Black Hills and up to Montana. When I was fourteen we drove out to northern California to visit my aunt and uncle and cousin and toured the Redwood Forest, Monterrey, San Francisco, and all over Imperial Valley. At fifteen I spend the summer in Chicago with my sister and walked and took the L, exploring the Windy City.

Everywhere I went I drank in the thrill of new experiences, whether it was the peace of a hidden mountain valley or the excitement of walking through a big city’s downtown. I took in the invigorating scent of pine and fresh air in the mountains, the slow, inexorable rhythm of the sea lapping at my feet, the exotic noise and color of Chinatown. Travel fed my spirit and also made me ever more inquisitive and restless. Getting to see how other people lived made me curious about what went on in their hearts and minds. What made them different than me, and also the same?

I’ve taken many, many more journeys in books than I have in real life, and I made up stories from a very early age. But I’m not certain I would have become a writer if I hadn’t visited all those different places. Travel gave me a window into realities that were different than mine, and that helped me create the fictional worlds in my head. It gave me an appreciation of the exotic and different and opened my mind to all sorts of experiences outside my sheltered, small-town life.

When I was a young adult my father died. With that loss, my sense of adventure and wanderlust also vanished. For several years I found travel stress-inducing rather than exciting. Anxiety got in the way of my enjoying new experiences.

But over time I healed and came to once again love travel. Now it is like an addiction: Warm weather trips to Mexico and the Caribbean. Research trips to Ireland and the British Islands. And there are so many other places I would like to visit. So many worlds to explore. I plan to keep going as long as I can afford it, and have the physical stamina to deal with the inevitable challenges. And when I’m finally too old to make those journeys, I will savor the memories and remember the magic of all the wonderful trips I’ve made.


When hardened gamester Marcus Revington wins Horngate Manor in a card game, he is delighted to finally own property. Even discovering he must marry the heiress of the estate doesn’t deter him. The heiress, Penny Montgomery, is happy with her life raising horses at Horngate and has no desire to wed anyone. When she learns about her guardian’s Wicked Wager, she schemes to convince Marcus she’s unsuitable as a wife so he’ll forget his plan to marry her. Who will win this battle of wits and wills? Or will they both discover the name of the game is love?

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Mary Gillgannon is the author of seventeen novels, a Celtic historical fantasy and historical romances set in the dark age, medieval and English Regency time periods. She’s married and has two children. Now that they’re grown, she indulges her nurturing tendencies on three very spoiled cats and a moderately spoiled dog. When not writing or working—she’s been employed at the local public library for twenty-five years—she enjoys gardening, reading and travel. 



  1. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do as well. There's so many places and things to see in our beautiful world. Good luck with sales and promotion of "Wicked Wager" and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Your post brought back all those treasured memories of my own family vacations, Mary. I grew up in California, so we explored the beauty of the state. I love traveling and blessed to have visited other states and countries. I'm eagerly planning my next trip! Wishing you all the best! :)

  3. Hello Mary. Lovely post. And so happy for you that you regained your wanderlust. I too have been blessed with an adventurous spirit and have been lucky enough to travel the world. Wishing you many more wonderful adventures. Anni. xx

  4. Great post Mary! You are a traveler in word and in deed.