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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankful Author 2016- Kayden Claremont

I’m a very thankful person, but at this time of the year I’m thankful for my hardworking, fun-loving parents.
They both served in World War II and experienced the horrors of war. They never spent time telling us about that, but they were always laughing about silly things because they had learned the little things counted in life.
Our house wasn’t the biggest, but it was the most fun. We would spend hours telling jokes, laughing, and playing games.
Dad like to say thinks like ‘eat your beets or get a beating.’ Of course, we’d be eating breakfast at the time and everyone would break out in laughter.
They also taught us to set goals, work hard to achieve them and then enjoy the accomplishment.
My husband and I have tried to pass the idea of being thankful for laughter, dreams and accomplishments to our children because we believe is the most important thing in life.

RELEASE DATE: November 9, 2016
Title: Tartan Temptation 
Series Name: Real Men Wear Kilts 
Theme(s): Friends to Lovers, Scottish, Fairy Tale/Myths 
SubGenre(s): Contemporary, Fantasy 
Imprint: Scarlet 
Length: Rosette 
Rating: 1Rose (MA) 
Keywords: Paranormal, erotica, romance, mystery, rekindled love, merman, 
Page Count: 103 
Word Count: 22943 
Digital Price: 2.99 
978-1-5092-1191-3 Digital


Financial planner Cora Siegfried has returned to her hometown to settle her late father's estate. Get in, get out, that's the plan. When she's almost run over by a kilt-wearing hottie on a motorcycle, all her well-laid plans go up in smoke, and all she can think about is getting well laid by her childhood crush. But after what she hoped would be a one-night stand, leaving him might not be as easy. Talk about a tartan temptation.

With his throne on the line, Brodie Murdock needs to secure his kingdom by taking a bride. When the only woman he's ever wanted steps right into his path, he knows the legends are true. She is his destiny. The feisty female isn't hard to seduce into his bed for the night, but she's proving difficult to convince they are meant for forever. And then there's the secret that could destroy any chance of their future--a secret he's not ready to confess. Not until his stubborn soul mate admits she needs him for more than sex.


She rubbed her brow. That’s what she did when she was gathering her thoughts. “I can’t list the house without a stupid piece of paper from the lawyer, and he had to go away on a family emergency. What about my family emergency? My father died. Nobody cares about that.”
Brodie turned the bike off, set it on its kickstand, and stood. He shouldn’t touch her, but he wrapped his arms around her and drew her against him. “I care.”
Doubt filled her dark blue eyes. “Why? Why do you care about me?”
Destiny. She’d think he was crazy, but it was the truth. He’d always understood it. “How could I not care about you?”
Taking a step back, she shook her head. The startled expression on her face told him he’d gone too far.
She hesitated then glared at him. “What do you want?”
He glanced up at the stormy cloud, then back at her. He hadn’t fooled her at all. He was running out of time. He had to win her trust now. “Ice cream. I need ice cream. You need ice cream. We all need ice cream.” He smiled, hoping his charm worked this time.
Disbelief shone in her eyes. “Now?”

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Kayden loves sexy, well-crafted stories of lust and love.  Her sensuous style drives the characters in lustful romps. When she is not crafting erotic romantic stories, she can be found crocheting or making jewelry.
Kayden is a member of Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers, and Writing Community of Durham Region.

She hopes you enjoy her other books, HELL’S BOUNTY, TIMELESS PASSION, and RED HOT all published by The Wild Rose Press.

Kayden loves to hear from her readers.


  1. Families—life would be a cold barren desert without them! Happy Thanksgiving, Kayden. xx

  2. Both the blurb and excerpt are engaging immediately. LOL Ice cream? I have to put this on my to-read list. Have a great day....and write on!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, Kayden...beautiful! All the best! :)

  4. Lovely memories of all that's important!

  5. You're so right! Laughter makes life worth living. Your parents were very wise and gave you a wonderful gift. Have a great Thanksgiving!