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Friday, November 20, 2015

Thankful Author - Bethany Michaels

Humans are social creatures, and although a lot of us author types are textbook introverts, comfortable spending large chunks of time in our own heads, most of us do have that need for occasional social interaction. I’ve noticed that my personal friends list has become divided into two groups—my “normal” friends and my “writing” friends.
Normal friends are, well, normal. They’re people I went to school with, neighbors, parents of my kids’ friends and co-workers. We talk about “normal” things like family, school sports, and day job drama. We share vacation photos, trade recipes and carpool to Boy Scout outings. We’re polite and gracious to one another and genuinely do enjoy each other’s company.  
And then there are my writing friends. These ladies are definitely not “normal” but in the very best way possible. These are the friends with whom I can let my crazy writer side out.
Writer friends feel your pain when you get the dreaded “R” via form letter. They understand your joy when you get a good “R”. Your normal friends don’t understand the distinction.
Writer friends know you don’t require medication just because the people in your head talk to you non-stop. They understand your desire to spend hours in front of your laptop alone, punching out a 400,000 word semi-autobiographical erotic-mystery with an elven were-bee hero, even though the chances of anyone else reading it are slim to none.
Writer friends will tell you the truth when a scene doesn’t work, having a keen understanding that honesty is more important that flattery. They know that sometimes you have the best ideas in the shower; jumping out of the tub sopping wet with a headful of shampoo and running blind and naked across the house to find something to write on is a perfectly logical reaction in these cases.
Writing is a tough gig, full of rejection, self-doubt, extreme highs and extreme lows. We need people who get that, who have been there, who feel your pain and your elation on an intimate level. Writers need writing friends. They are your tribe.
I’m extremely thankful to have an awesome group of writer-friends, most of whom I’ve met through Romance Writers of America. They’re all a little crazy…just like me.

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Bethany Michaels is the author of over a dozen steamy contemporary romance novels, as well as a few historical and paranormal romances. She is currently publishing a series of sexy romances set in Nashville, Tennessee, where she lives with her husband and kids. When not talking to her hot imaginary country music bad boys, she enjoys the outdoors, movies and volunteering with her kids’ scout troops. She also creates cover art for indie authors through Dragonfly Press Design. www.dragonflypressdesign.com) Be sure to sign up for Bethany’s newsletter to get new release and sale alerts.


  1. Welcome to the blog Bethany. I'm so thankful for all the new writers I've been meeting along this publishing journey. The camaraderie is so uplifting and amazing, that it makes you want to be a better writer and help to promote your fellow writing friends all you can.

  2. Hi Bethany. Do I ever agree about writer friends. I don't know what I'd do without them! Best of luck with your country music bad boys.

  3. Hi, Beth, so great to meet you in person at Retreat last weekend! And yes, we need our writer pals to keep us sane...or at least to keep the crazy in perspective! Great blog!!

  4. Beth, Ever since meeting you at RWA retreat years ago, I have enjoyed seeing your writing career blossom. Wishing you great sales with the Nashville series!