Sunday, November 3, 2019

Thankful Author 2019- Angela Hayes

I am "blessed beyond all measure" to have so many things to be thankful for in a year that has been full of changes and full of stepping out in faith. Recently my husband, who had been the major bread winner, left his job of 12 years, taking a tremendous cut in pay to come and work as my partner as a school custodian. What we've lost in income is being made up in the amount of time we can now spend together and the vast improvements being on a day shift schedule has had on his health. He had missed out on so much working those 12 hour swing shifts.

My oldest, Hunter, a high school junior, just got his first car. Boy, if watching your kids get behind the wheel of a car by themselves and drive off isn't a step of faith, I don't know what is. I pray constantly for his safety on the road as I stalk him using Life 360 :) Mama can't cut all her apron strings at one time!

Emilee, my youngest, a high school sophomore, is coming into her own. Singing brings her such joy and God has really blessed her. Recently she participated in her first play with our local community theater, will be trying out for another community event, and is currently practicing for basketball season, which is about to get underway.

For me, I am a college freshmen. At 37, I decided to go to college for the first time! I am working towards getting my teaching certificate for secondary (middle/high school) history with a minor in Religious Studies.

“If love isn’t worth fighting for, what is?”


Love Howard has more than a knack for matchmaking. Born from a forbidden passion and a twelve-hundred-year-old promise, she and her sisters can literally see true love. And while Love has no problem bringing other couples together, her own romantic life could use a little help.

Danton DeAngelo has always been well grounded in reality. So it throws him for no small loop when the woman he’s fallen for believes that she’s been reincarnated eleven times and can actually see true love.

Now Danton is faced with the biggest decision of his life. Accept Love for who she really is, or walk away from her forever.


            “That was close,” I breathed when we were outside, an entire building between myself and the best man.
            “It’s about to get even closer.” Faith smiled, making me instantly wary. I knew what was coming. She’d seen it. They both had.
            “What do you mean?” I asked, playing dumb.
            “Look at him again, and you tell us,” Hope challenged.
            Dutifully I opened the door. Keeping to the shadows, I stepped inside, just enough to get another look at Danton DeAngelo. There he was laughing with his friends, what a beautiful sight. Male perfection bathed in the same powder blue light that all souls gave off when they were destined to be together. Blowing out a breath, I closed the door and faced my sisters.
            “He’s blue.”
            “He’s not the only one, honey.” Hope smiled, holding out a compact mirror she had pulled from her purse.
            Snatching it from her, I peered into the reflecting glass. There was my image, the one I’d spent twenty five years looking at, the one I saw mirrored in the face of my sisters. Except, unlike yesterday, I could now see a telltale blue glow around my face. Faint at first but growing stronger with every second. Closing the compact I could see the glow encompassing my hands. I looked down and around. Like a bad rash, it was all over me.
            “I’m blue!” I declared, pointing out the obvious.
            “True blue, true love. YOU are the future Mrs.Danton DeAngelo.” Hope gloated taking her compact back.
            “Ah damn!” I whined.


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A married mother of two, I split my time between bringing characters to life by computer, and yarn to life with needle and hook. You can find me at where I help connect readers and the authors they love.

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  1. I'm so excited for your new adventure, Angela! Sometimes those "leaps of faith" are what we need in our lives. I'm ever so grateful to you for creating this event! Psst...I loved this story "Love's Battle," and hoping you'll finish the second book in this fabulous series! xo

  2. Congratulations Angela on all of the wonderful changes in your and your family's life.Thanks you especially for hosting this month where we can reflect on what's important and good in our lives.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the gifts the year brought you. Change is good! Good luck with school––you'll be a fabulous teacher.

  4. Your life has certainly undergone many changes this past year. How wonderful that you an your hubby chose to place a high priority on family time. You have much to be thankful for.

  5. Love your thanks for your wonderful family. Congrats on taking quality time together over $. So hard to do these days. I'm late to the party here, looking at the posts I missed up to Nov. 9. Will finally catch up. Thanks for this opportunity! -- N Christine Samuelson