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Thankful Author 2018- Tina Susedik

Happy November everyone. It’s hard to believe there are only two months left in 2018. I’m Tina Susedik, and like all the authors who you’ll read about this month, I have many things to be thankful for. Family, friends, a home, and a career I love. 

This past year has been a particularly good one for me – except for knee issues which I’ll get to later. I’ve won several awards for my books, been nominated for book of the year for one of my books, have met many wonderful authors and readers, and began my job as radio talk show host. 

My radio show is called Your Book Garden with Authors on the Air Global Radio Network, where I interview authors of all genres. After my first show, where I was so nervous I nearly threw up after I was done, I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy this new venture. I’ve met and read authors I normally wouldn’t have, which has taken me out of my comfort zone. 

I took first place in a contest for “A Trail to Love,” and received several awards for “Missing My Heart.” A few weeks ago, I received notice that my book “Love With a Side of Crazy,” was nominated for book of the year with Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. Since I’m up against some fantastic, well-known authors, I’m humbled to have been nominated. 

I currently getting ready for knee replacement surgery which will happen on November 20th. I thankful that my husband of forty-five years, will be able to take time off from work to take care of me for a few weeks. I know he’ll do a good job, but as someone who is used to hardly every sitting down, this confinement will be hard. I’m praying for patience and that I don’t drive my husband crazy.

Took first place in Suspense in the Raven Awards 
Finalist in the Carolyn Reader’s Choice Awards 

Can hidden love notes and money bring two people together or tear them apart? 


1975. Bourbonville 

After the death of the grandmother Ellie Farrell had lived with since she was sixteen, she is tasked with the job of cleaning out the over-packed house. When Ellie begins to find love notes and money from a Bert to Randi spanning over four decades, she sets out to find out who these people are and what they have to do with her. An unexpected check for $100,000 dollars delivered to her house, ramps up the mystery – especially when death threats begin to arrive. 

Patton Trullinger, an investigative reporter, comes to Chandler County to research bootleggers for a book he’s contracted for. As a Vietnam veteran, he’s dealing with PTSD. When he meets Ellie, he finds her mystery too good to pass up. 

Who are Bert and Randi? Who is sending death threats? Will Ellie and Patton’s love bloom as the mystery deepens? 

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Ebook price: $3.99 

*Took first place in historical category in the IDA contest for Oklahoma RWA 

An ancient legend spanning eras, continents, and worlds. To some, it’s nothing more than a dream. To others, a pretty fairy tale handed down through the generations. 

For those in critical need of their own happy ending, a gift. 


 Jack Billabard, mourning the loss of his wife and baby in childbirth, vows to never to love again. After their funeral at Fort Laramie, he rides into the Wyoming hills beyond the ranch he built for his wife. Through his grieving tears, an ancient tree appears, giving him the hope he doesn't believe is possible. For the next four years, he acts as a guide on the Oregon Trail, taking families to a new life while his looms lonely and stagnant. 

The night before her abusive husband’s death, an ancient tree appears in Sarah Nickelson's yard as she agonizes over how to survive her marriage. The tree gives her hope she can’t help but reject. After all, a tree doesn't just appear out of nowhere. After her husband 's death, and with no options as a widow in Independence, Missouri, Sarah decides to travel to Oregon City as a Mail Order Bride. 

During their trek west on the Oregon Trail, Jack and Sarah encounter one another, each afraid of being hurt again. Can they survive dogs and puppies, wind and rainstorms, Indians and unfavorable fellow passengers, while their love blossoms? Will the tree fulfill its promise? 


Cold seeped into his bones. Something warm blew across his face and ears. Jack swatted at his ears and peeled one gritty eye open.

"Papaya!" He pushed at the horse's nose. "Go away." Papaya continued prodding at him. "Damn horse." He rubbed his cold hands together.

In the dim light, he wasn't sure if it was morning or evening. The previous day's events came back to him. He sat up and wiped a hand over his stubbly chin. Tears burned behind his eyes.

Papaya tugged at his sleeve until the only thing he could do was stand. "Dammit, horse, leave me alone." He pushed the horse to the side. The sun rising behind the mountains from the east cast a shadow on a tree Jack swore hadn't been there the night before.

Standing at least twenty feet high, the trunk was twisted and gnarled like the arthritic hands of his grandfather. Several roots rose from the ground making it look as if it would walk away. Some of its massive branches drooped close to the ground, like arms dragging across the grass.

As the sky lightened, he realized that, unlike the rough bark of the pines at this altitude, the tree's light brown bark was smooth. Was it the lighting, or did some of the bark actually seem golden while in other places it was rough and dark brown? The surrounding trees paled in comparison.

Jack stepped closer. Pale green, oval leaves reminded him of an elm tree, only much smaller. When the wind blew, the undersides shimmered with a silvery glow.

Had he been so distraught yesterday he'd missed the massive structure? The tree seemed to beckon, calling him to its embrace. He dipped beneath its branches.

His hand shook as he reached out to touch the trunk. The instant he came in contact, his icy fingers warmed. Then his arm. He tried to pull away, but he couldn't move.

Warmth spread through his body then settled in his aching heart. Was he hallucinating or was the tree humming? Had the tree actually whispered, "Love will come."

A calmness settled over him and the darkness of the past few days diminished.

Between the hanging branches a person, surrounded by a foggy haze, appeared. Actually, two people. One tall, the other waist high, with a smaller version of Jack's hat on its head. Suspenders held up too-short pants over the little one's plaid shirt. A woman and a boy? They held hands, swinging them back and forth as if they hadn't a care in the world. The woman's bonnet hung down her back, loose hair flowing to her waist.

Was the tree showing him what Lily and his child would have been like if they'd lived? His heartbeat pounded in his ears, and he swore his heart cracked. As quickly as the despair washed over him, the tree hummed again and his heart warmed and peace settled through him.

Then the woman looked over her shoulder. This wasn't Lily. The sun struck the vision. Instead of his wife's dark hair, this woman's shimmered like gold. Even from this distance, her sparkling blue eyes pierced through him.

Her smile beckoned him, and when she crooked her finger, all he could do was follow. The closer he came, the farther away they moved, until their bodies faded and nothing stood before him except the large boulder he'd slept against.

The tree. What if he touched the tree again? He pivoted on his foot, ready to run back and feel the twisted branches. What the hell? Maybe he'd lost his bearings while chasing the woman and boy. He spun in each direction. Nothing. The tree was gone. Poof. Was he losing his mind and dreaming the whole incident?

Something light brown on the ground caught his eye. Jack picked it up, his fingers warming at its touch. Bark from the disappearing tree? Had it all been real after all? If so, then where had the woman and boy gone?

Jack retraced the steps he'd taken to follow them. Only his own impressions in the dirt showed. He was going crazy. That was it. Crazy from grief. Maybe what he needed was to get away from the land and the memories it held.

Papaya pushed against Jack's back, nearly knocking him to the ground.

"What do you think, old boy?" He ran his hand over the horse's soft nose and recalled Samuel Hunt's offer of a job from before he’d married Lily. "Should I see if Sam still needs someone to help take those crazy emigrants to Oregon?"

As if he understood what Jack was saying, Papaya nodded his large head.

"Well, since I'm already crazy, I might as well listen to you."

After a quick breakfast of cold biscuits and hard tack, he swung onto Papaya's back and headed back down the mountain. Back to his empty home and future.

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*Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
*Nominated for Book of the Year with Authors on the Air Global Radio Network
*Amazon top seller

An accountant by day, stripper by night. A sexy physical therapist. A crazed stalker. Will anyone survive?


To afford sending extra money to his parents to help with the care of his invalid brother, Brent Hopkins, an accountant by day, works as a male stripper at night. When a crazed fan pulls him from the stage, his injuries send him for an extended stay at a rehabilitation center. During his months at the center, mysterious angel statues and other gifts begin to appear in his room. A break-in at his apartment, leaves him feeling vulnerable. Is he going crazy or does he have a stalker?

Marie Phister, a physical therapist, was at the club the night Brent is yanked to the ground and takes care of him until help arrives. Later, as his physical therapist, she doesn’t let on that she is aware of his identity. As their mutual attraction grows, a stalker threatens their relationship.

Is her stalker and Brent’s, one and the same? Can they solve the mystery before it’s too late?

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About the Author: Award-winning author, Tina Susedik has twenty-one books in print. As a child, Tina Susedik always had stories floating around in her head, but had no idea those stories could be put down in book form as writing stories wasn't taught in her classes. One day her brother (yes, her brother) introduced her to Kathleen Woodiwiss’ The Flame and the Flower. Tina was hooked and a love of reading, and eventually writing romance, began. Besides her romances, she is also a non-fiction writer with seven history books in print. She also has written and published three children's books. She also writes under her pen name, Anita Kidesu. This winter she will begin hosting a radio talk show, “Your Book Garden” on Authors on the Air Radio Network. 

Tina has been married for forty-four years and lives in Northwestern Wisconsin. She has two children and five grandchildren. After careers in accounting and teaching (not necessarily at the same time), she found her career in writing is what fulfills her the most. When not writing, she loves camping, hiking, photography, reading, and playing with her five grandchildren. 

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Wisconsin Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime 

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Twitter: @tinasusedik 


Facebook: Tina Susedik, Author 


  1. Congratulations on your awards, Tina! Wishing you continued success, and I'll keep you in my healing prayers for your knee.

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  5. You are one busy lady Tina. Congratulations on your achievements. I am also scheduled for knee surgery - I feel your trepidation. Sending prayers your way.

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  6. Wow! You've had a great year. Congratulations on all your book awards and new career as a radio host. Best of luck with your knee replacement.

  7. Thank you everyone. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I was at a craft show at my grands school. It's always fun to talk about writing and books.

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