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Author Interview- Joyce Holmes- Visual Effects

Happy Friday readers. 

We've made it through another week! If you don't have any plans this weekend, be sure to pick up Joyce Holmes' new book, Visual Effects.

Welcome Joyce, tell me three words that describe yourself starting with A, B, and C.
Amicable, big-hearted, conscientious

What are your three favorite things?
Reading, exploring new places, eating treats.

Are you self- published or with a publishing company (if so, which one?)?
I’m with the Wild Rose Press and have also been published with the former Secret Cravings Publishing.
What for you is the best part of writing? What is the worst?
The best part of writing is developing the characters and digging out the emotion of their stories. Without a doubt, I dislike promoting my work the most. Even after four published books, I’m not comfortable with it. I’m probably the worst salesperson in the world, lol.

Is there a process you stick to, or do you just write as it hits you?
I don’t have a process for when I write, I try to fit it into my day whenever I can. I do have more of a process for the actual writing. When I first open the file, I read over what I’ve written the previous day, and do small edits as needed, then I continue to write for as long as I have time to, or until the words stop flowing.

How much is your character like you?
Drey Winston has some of my personality traits. We’re stubborn (we both prefer ‘tenacious’), independent, and careful with our hearts. Physically, we’re not at all alike. She’s athletic, tall and beautiful.

When not writing, what can you be found doing?
I love photography. I don’t have a fancy camera or take exceptional photos, but that doesn’t stop me from snapping away at everything and anything. My hubby and I travel a couple of times a year, and go hiking or kayaking whenever we can. I enjoy blogging about our activities and posting photos of where we’ve been.

When writing, which do you prefer to write with, computer or paper and pen?
I do all my writing on the computer, but I don’t trust myself to remember random ideas and thoughts, so I also make a ton of notes on paper. If I’m really lucky, I can actually read my chicken scratch afterward.

Will their emotional firestorm leave nothing but ashes or can love emerge victorious?

Drey Winston is a fierce competitor who enjoys challenging her mind and body. But when it comes to her heart—no one ever gets close enough to compete for it. Having grown up believing she was an unwanted burden to her parents, she prefers to keep her feelings well hidden. Just when her hard-fought goals are finally within reach, the audacious Jesse Devlin comes along to breach her carefully guarded defenses.

After a disastrous marriage early in life, Jesse Devlin prefers strings-free relationships. Confident and outgoing, he gets along well with women, but his natural charm can’t seem to penetrate Drey Winston’s aloofness. While attempting to win her over, he’s the one who ends up losing his heart.

Can this commitment-phobic bachelor convince the stubbornly independent woman he loves that his feelings—and hers—are the real deal?


            Jesse leaned against a tree to draw in a few deep breaths. As he straightened, he plucked his ball cap off his head and wiped his forearm across his brow, then hooted a victory cheer. “Hard work’s over. Time for the reward.”
            He dropped the cap onto the sand and emptied his pockets into it. Then he pulled his T-shirt over muscled shoulders, dropped it onto the sand on top of his cap, and made quick work of his footwear. Drey stared in disbelief as he beelined down the beach and ran straight into the low surf. When he was hip-deep in the water, he slipped smoothly beneath the surface. He reappeared several feet out and turned to wave.
            “Join me,” he called. “The water’s great.”
            “Not a chance. The ocean is cold in summer, I can only imagine how frigid it must be today.”
            “Wuss,” he scoffed and splashed water in her direction.
            Shivers that had nothing to do with feeling chilly shot through Drey as she watched him emerge from the water a few minutes later. Rivulets ran down his chest, following the ridges and planes of his brawny body. Wet shorts clung to muscular thighs.
            He ran his hands over his face and then shook himself like a playful pup. “You don’t know what you missed. Nothing like a dip in the salt chuck to get the heart pumping. Well, almost nothing.” He stalked deliberately up the beach toward her, and the look on his face made her back away, but she didn’t react fast enough. He caught her up in his arms, laughing at her shrieks of protest.
            “Lemme go, Jesse. You’re cold. Come on, Jesse, lemme go. You’re getting me all wet.”
            “That’s the whole idea. Get you wet and me warm.”
She gave him a firm push in the wrong direction as she sprinted down the beach. “Not if you can’t catch me,” she threw over her shoulder as she went.

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Joyce Holmes lives with her husband and very small dog in the beautiful Okanagan region of British Columbia. The award-winning author is happily living her dream of being a stay-at-home writer. Photography and blogging about her travels are two of her passions, along with visiting her kids and grandkids. When she's not dreaming up stories in her head or planning her next great adventure, she’s off enjoying the great outdoors.

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  1. Interesting interview. I like to learn about the author as well as her books. Excerpt and blurb peak interest too. Already added it to my TBR list. Good luck!

    1. Hi Tena. I like reading author interviews too. Thanks for stopping by and for putting VE on your TBR list. :)

  2. Loved the excerpt!!! I love photography too. That's one great thing about the digital revolution! Good Luck !

    1. Digital photography is the best! Such fun. Thanks for stopping by, Charlotte. :)

  3. It's been great getting to know you on this tour. Good luck with Visual Effects and all the books that follow.

    1. Hey, Sandra, nice to 'see' you! Thanks for the kind words. :)

  4. Glad to have you on the blog today Joyce. Great blurb and excerpt. Best wishes.

  5. Thanks for having me, Angela. It was a pleasure. :)