Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mickey J. Corrigan has done it again!!!

                                 New from The Wild Rose Press 
                                 Book #3 in The Hard Stuff Series 
                                           Mickey J. Corrigan 
                                  Tequila Dirty 


Something bad has happened (again) in Dusky Beach. And Rita Deltone, a tough talking waitress from Lemon Run, Florida, is smack in the middle of it. She knows all too well the dirt road she took to get down so low, but she takes the long way around in the telling.
Liam Donell is the new detective in town. His partner is on vacation so he has to handle all the dirty work. But this Rita chick is pretty cute. He's not making the best decisions regarding the case. Soon enough, it turns ugly.
An unlikely couple, Rita and Liam try to make the best of a bad situation. With hot, hilarious, and surprising results.
Release Date: August 17, 2014
Genre: women's lit, crime, romantic comedy, crime romance

Length: Novella; 81 pages; 17,745 words
Heat rating: spicy
ISBN: 978-1-62830-482-4
Price: $1.99
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My Review of Tequila Dirty

Mickey J. Corrigan has done it again! With her third book in the Hard Stuff series, Tequila Dirty, brings the reader back to Dusty Beach with new characters Rita Deltone and Detective Liam Donell. Mickey crafts a fast paced, hard to look away from tale that casts the reader into Rita's shoes from the opening sentence and leaves their eyes bugging out with a whopper of twist, no one sees coming. Brilliantly written,  Tequila Dirty, is short, steamy, and satisfying.  Do yourself a favor and add this book to your collection today.

I give it five hearts.

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  1. MJC is one of my favorite writers. Be sure to download her book today and help celebrate her release.

  2. Thanks for the super nice review!