Saturday, August 9, 2014

Looking for some audience participation !!!!!

Hi all, today I'm looking for some audience participation.
My current WIP has hit a brick wall and I've come to the conclusion that I need help.

Going hand in hand with the True Blue Trilogy, I've decided to write a few short stories about the couples the Howard sister's bring together- I'm tentatively calling this the True Blue Brides Trilogy (it may end up being a series later on, we'll see).

First up is the tentatively titled- Vegas Bride- featuring Melanie and Everett. Without going into too much detail these two will be bonding over a scavenger hunt- and this is where you all come in. I need you to leave, in the comment section, an item you'd like to see the couple hunt for. My top ten favorites will be chosen so be sure to leave your full name so that I can acknowledge you in the acknowledgements of the book when it become ready for publication.

To help you decide on an item keep in mind the couple is on a road trip from Maryland to Vegas and has stopped in Kentucky.

And to thank you for your help, here's a peek at the blurb I've been working on. I'd love your comments on it as well. Thanks.

Vegas Bride Blurb

                A jilted bride and would be lover play the odds in… Vegas Bride.

                Everett Smith and Melanie DeAngelo’s lives have been running parallel for years, until one day when Lady Luck intervenes.
                Enter, Love Howard, modern day cupid.
                First introduced in Love’s Battle, Everett’s and Melanie’s lives are on a collision course in this winner take all romance.

                When the cards are dealt and hearts are on the line, can this couple overcome the odds and make a lasting pair? Or will they fold?

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