Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Week's FREE Books

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I really appreciate you guys helping with this,” I said to the “Bouquet.” My three sisters are Daisy, Rose, and Magnolia, so it’s a family joke. My guess was our parents ran out of flowers when they reached me. I’ve often felt blessed I didn’t end up as Petunia. Ivy wasn’t much better, but I was stuck with it.
Poison Ivy by Misty Simon 

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Splinters of wood flew into the air as gunshot ricocheted off the motionless stagecoach’s weathered doorframe. Jack Sterling grabbed his dusty brown Stetson and lowered his head just as a second shot whizzed through the cabin. A fast breeze stirred beside his ear. It was a close call—too close.
Sterling's Way (Lawmen & Outlaws) by Sarita Leone 

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Time stopped.
In one small movement, no more than a tiny reflex, Lucas betrayed himself. As the snake flew toward him, his body responded before his mind could control his actions. He flinched.
The father’s eyes widened. Only a seer would have moved. A human would have seen nothing until the viper was latched onto his neck.
In one involuntary movement, Lucas had exposed himself.
Now the hunt would begin. 
The Seer's Lover (The Seven Archangels Series) by Kat de Falla 

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