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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thankful Author 2016- Erin Bevan

I marked my calendar for today as the day to write my thankful author blog post. And of course, the day has started out rocky. I won’t go into details, but enough has happened today to make me grumpy. Real grumpy.

I sit down, focus, and read the metal sign on my wall that says “Today Is A Good Day For A Good Day.” I meditate on that, or at least I try. Then my kid’s start screaming and the grumpiness starts all over again.

And while all of this is going on, I’m drinking my overpriced Starbucks, I’m texting a friend, and I’m staring at my now three paperbacks. Books with MY name on them. Mine. Like I’m someone important, and I did something super. I don’t feel very important or very super, but then it dawns on me. These are the things to be thankful for. I get to drink a yummy drink everyday, without suffering too much grief from my husband. Can you say tax write off!

I get to talk to my awesome, super, just as weird as me friend about what my characters are doing and how to make them suffer more, and she doesn’t think I’m creepy or sad.

And now, with paperbacks in hand, I get to show the world these past six years haven’t been in vain. I was really doing something during all those lunch dates I canceled on, or all those times when I opted on skipping a shower because I wanted to work on my computer instead. (Be glad you can’t smell me!)

I’m thankful I get to do something I enjoy, while being near and around the people I love, and partaking in a beverage I love. I mean, everyone has a bad day every once in a while, but not everyone get’s to love what they do or who they spend their time with. I do, and for that I am very, very thankful.

Have a blessed and wonderful holiday season, everyone.

Forced to wed due to a binding clause, Santa's daughter has only three weeks to make an amnesiac pilot fall in love with her.  

Wrapped Up In You Blurb:

Princess Jenny Claus has thirty suitors to choose from to take on the role of Santa and her husband, and only three weeks to do it. When an outsider crashes into and destroys the toy factory, her Gala and the prospect of Christmas for children everywhere are ruined.

Logan Moss awakens from his plane crash, suffering from partial amnesia. Surrounded by a world he always considered make believe, he has a hard time accepting his new surroundings. Except for one snow princess who he’s deeply fascinated with. And when Logan realizes she only has three weeks to pick a husband, he begins to feel compelled to be that man. Problem is, he can’t remember if he has a wife.

With Christmas getting closer, Jenny has to make the hardest decision of her life...duty or love.


She gazed over the rest of his physique. Broad shoulders strained the stitches of his suit jacket, and from the looks of his chest, she would be willing to bet he hit North Pole Fitness on a daily basis. His grin showed snow-white, straight teeth, and a blush crept up her cheeks at his sparkling, undivided attention.
An answered prayer. At least God hadn’t taken a vacation day.
Her eye twitched again. Benigan must have thought she winked at him because his smile widened, and he twitched his eye back at her as he strolled away. She’d probably just filled the man with false hope. Then again, his chances seemed pretty great compared to the others, so maybe she hadn’t. Was this small flutter in her stomach love? Was this what all the hype was about?
She’d expected a bolt of lightning to shoot from the sky, something earth shattering that would flip her whole world on its head to point her in the right direction. So far, all she got was a flutter…
A loud BOOM suddenly shook throughout the cottage walls as the lights flickered overhead.
Okay, that was definitely earth shattering.
She sucked in a breath and spun around to glance  at her parents. The orchestra stopped playing while the party guests ceased their mingling and began speaking in startled cries and hushed tones.
Her father stood from his white and gold throne to place his hand on the small of her back.
“Dad, what do you think that was?” she whispered. “I don’t know.”
Sirens wailed in the distance as Peace and Joy, her father’s assistants, ran for the stage, each pressing a finger to their ear pieces.
“Ladies, what’s wrong? What’s happening?” her father asked.
“It’s the toy factory, sir,” Peace replied, nearly breathless.
“The toy factory? What about the toy factory?” Jenny grabbed her father’s arm and squeezed.
“A plane has crashed into it,” Joy answered. “It’s on fire.”

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Erin Bevan was born and raised in Southwest Arkansas. She spent her teenage years working for her aunt at the local gas station, flipping burgers and making milkshakes, dreaming of the day when something better would come her way.

Fast forward ten years later, she found herself stuck inside an apartment in South Korea while her daughter went to preschool and her husband went to work. Alone and unable to speak the local language, she turned to books for a friend. After reading a few hundred in such a short time, she decided to try her hand at writing one.

That first one sucked, but by the fifth and sixth book, Erin started to get the hang of this writing thing. Getting the first contract in the mail was a dream come true. Now, with three babies at home, she squeezes in stories one word at a time, one sentence at a time, one day at a time.  She’s a full time mom, a full time wife, with a little writer sprinkled in whenever she can get the chance.

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  1. It's true what they say: little things go a long way to making a happy life. Like hot running water, an indoor bathroom and publishing contracts (not that the last is little!) Thanks for the inspiring post.

    1. Laura, hot water is a true blessing! For sure! Happy Holidays!

  2. One word at a time! I love that. Thanks for the peek inside your life! Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Charlotte! Yes, one word at a time, one sentence at a time, one day at a time! I have been reminding myself of this more and more lately, and taking in a few deep breaths!

  3. Those "little" things put everything in perspective, Erin. Thanks for sharing and all the best! :)