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Friday, November 18, 2016

Thankful Author 2016- Clair Brett

As a very busy person keeping a lot of moving pieces in action constantly, I love this time of year, because it makes me slow down and consider those things in my life that may get set aside for more pressing items. As a whole I don’t think that we always look at our lives and think about the positive aspects. More often, I am putting out a fire or dealing with a crisis (mom of two teen aged daughters). 
I was thrilled with the opportunity to write a post for Thankful Author this year.

What I am most thankful for are the people in my life who have supported me in my endeavors, be them book publishing, college, or even just redecorating a room. I am lucky to have family and friends who get me, and want me to be my best. They cheer me when I succeed, they push me when I would like to give up (this happens more than I would like to admit), challenge me when I am getting complacent in my planning. They will let me cry, yell, rail and still they are there for me next time.
My husband often doesn’t understand anything I am trying to do, but he supports me anyway. My daughters deal with my craziness and are willing to eat pizza every night of the week if that is what it takes. They also don’t mind dirty dishes and laundry and are more than patient about having to step over the pile as long as I don’t want them to clean anything.

My exercise buddies are my therapy. Those mornings we go out to breakfast and have mimosas instead of exercising are my favorites and definitely something to be thankful for.

And, last but not least are all the writers who have come before me and those blazing new trails I haven’t even heard of yet. You are an inspiration and hold me up when I am struggling, either metaphorically with your amazing example, or as a friend who knows the struggle and are part of my tribe.

As I get ready to debut my first novel this January, I know I am not an island. I would not be here or anywhere in my life without these people and countless others.

Please remember that no matter how tough life gets, and it can get pretty tough, there are people who will help you up and guide you through, you just need to be willing to allow the help.

Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season to all the readers! May you have a bountiful host of things to be thankful for and take the time to notice them!

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Clair Brett

After making a wager of marriage to settle her father's gambling debts, Ella Bowen-Thorn Renwick escaped the husband she foolishly began to fall for and disappeared into the Scottish countryside carrying a secret. Four years later, and the owner of her own bakery, she is still not free of the demands of men when a violent and anonymous blackmailer threatens her, her livelihood...and her daughter. And then, there is him...

Viscount Renwick still mourns the wife he began to love before her untimely death--that is until he discovers her alive and well living in Scotland. Now, Devon's face to face with the wife he thought he'd buried and the daughter he never knew existed. He'd like nothing more than to welcome Ella back into his arms, but mysterious and troubling incidents and a history with an unloving father have Ella trusting no one.

But, if Renwick convinces his wife he's the husband she always dreamed of and the father their daughter deserves, will the scandalous secret the blackmailer is holding threaten their future together once more?

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this every year! It really gives a window into the authors we love!

  2. Wow! I want to be your exercise buddy, Clair! Thanks so much for sharing, and I'm looking forward to your new release. Love the cover and blurb. All the best!

    1. Thanks so much Mary! We are always looking for more to join the walks, you're welcome anytime. lol If you haven't done it already sign up for my newsletter for great giveaways and exclusive content! Nice to hear from you.


  3. Good friends and buddies are the best! I enjoyed your post. Neat cover. Best of luck with your release. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much Judy Ann. Happy Thanksgiving to you to!

      Please join my newsletter list for some great upcoming giveaways!


  4. Lovely post, Clair. Can't go wrong with mimosas and great friends!

  5. Congratulations Clair! You are so right. We all have so much to be grateful for if we only take a moment to look. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Congratulations on your first release, Clair. I love the tagline for your series!