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Friday, November 25, 2016

Thankful Author 2016- Anni Fife


It has been a full and eventful year, with much to be thankful for. I can still remember the sheer joy that erupted when I received a publishing contract from The Wild Rose Press for my debut novel, Luke’s Redemption. My elation continued when it was released on 18th November to good sales. Last year I relocated to a small village by the beach, and started a new life as an author. And this year I have been blessed to continue this rejuvenated lifestyle.

But like most things in life, with blessings come challenges. And my family was handed a whammy this year. My father was diagnosed with an aggressive bladder cancer and had to undergo radical surgery. He is nearly eighty years old, and suffers from a heart infliction. So the operation was dangerous for him, but critical to his survival. Thankfully, he is a trooper and came through well. He is frail but gaining in strength every day.

The fear of losing my father was a blinding reminder of what is truly important in life. Like all families, we go through ups and downs with each other. But when faced with the reality of losing a parent, our niggles and petty grumbles vaporize in a split second, and we are filled to overflowing with everything we cherish in our loved one. My father is fiercely loyal and adores my sisters and I. And he worships the ground my mother walks on. They have been married for fifty-two years, and I cannot imagine them not being together. Thankfully, I don’t have to … at least not this year.

In Luke’s Redemption, Katya’s relationship with her father is complicated. In order to find her happiness, she has to come to terms with the fact that she will always love her father … because he is her father. 

The love our parents have for us, and we have for them, is precious because it is unconditional—and for that, I am thankful every single day.

“The world may turn against me,
but he’s the one who’ll ever stand with me.
He is my father.”

He Is My Father by Ritwik Shadilya

Luke’s Redemption is a Contemporary Romantic Suspense
(Heat Level – Scorching)


Chased by her criminal kingpin father, Katya Dalca runs to New Orleans and straight into the arms of Luke Hunter. Sucked into the carnal world of the French Quarter, she succumbs to Luke’s potent sexuality. He not only steals her breath, he steals her heart, and the only leverage she has against her father. She’s left with no choice but to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life alone.

Undercover DEA agent Luke Hunter thought his newest assignment—recover a stolen flash drive to gain the trust of the Russian mob—was like any other. But his target brings him to his knees, and after one taste of her intoxicating beauty, he's in too deep. Doing his job means walking away, leaving his heart behind with nothing but a promise to reunite. It's a promise he can't keep.

When Katya's past reaches out and her world unravels, her only hope is the one man she is most vulnerable to—Luke.


I snuggled deeper into the cosy bedding, lazy and heavy-limbed. Shifting slightly, warmth spread through me as the slight stickiness between my legs brought with it delicious memories of the night before. I never dreamed that I could be so wanton, so wildly desperate for one man’s touch.
And boy, did he touch! His potency evident in every aching muscle in my body.
Mmmm. Heat flickered as his musky scent infused my senses.
I loved his voice. Especially when he said my name, so deep, rich like dark molasses.
I forced my lids open. And drowned in sensual, male beauty. “Hi,” I purred. And it was a purr. I sounded like a sated cat. Inching a hand out from under the covers, I reached up, hungry to stroke his rough morning stubble.
He reared back as if stung.
My hand hovered midair as he lowered himself to a chair that was pulled up close to the bedside.
How did that chair get there? Was he watching me sleep?
Sluggish, I looked at the window. The curtains were drawn together but didn’t quite meet. Faint light trickled in. It was barely morning. I looked back at Michael and cold started to seep in. Shit. He was fully clothed, he was even wearing his jacket. Only his hair looked out of place. He obviously couldn’t find the cord that I’d enthusiastically pulled from it like a wild woman, and now it hung loose to his shoulders. Bed-hair. Do men get bed-hair?
He was still. Hands clasped together, elbows resting on his knees. Here, but not here. Only his eyes flickered as they roamed intensely over my face. Such wickedly, beautiful eyes. After he came inside me they had turned an inky-blue, almost black.
Now, they were deep shards of navy. And they sent ice cascading through me.
I was still naked and he was fully clothed. I jerked upright and pulled the covers to my chin. My stomach quivered, only it wasn’t in a sexy way.

Luke’s Redemption is also available from Kobe, Bookstrand, All Romance, iTunes and The Wild Rose Press. All these Buy Links are available on Anni’s website: http://annifife.com/

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Anni Fife left a successful career in television to fulfill her lifelong passion, writing. In the space of one month, she shut her business, packed up her city life, and moved to a small seaside village to begin her new life…as an author. LUKE’s Redemption is Anni’s debut novel. Anni loves spending hours on the beach searching for pansy shells, more hours drinking red wine with her gals, and the most hours writing steamy romance novels filled with hot alpha men, and the sassy intelligent women they can’t live without. She is currently working on her second novel, GRAY’s Promise.
Anni is published by The Wild Rose Press, and is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA).

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  1. Thank you so much,Angela, for including me in this wonderful month of Thankful Author. A precious reminder of all that is good in our lives. Wishing you and all your readers a very happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Best, Anni xx

  2. Thank you so much Anni for sharing such a touching and poignant post - I absolutely love Luke's Redemption and the story of Luke and Katya. Can't wait to read the next one in the King Security Series. Best of luck!!

    1. That makes me so happy, Dani. Gray's Promise is coming in the summer, so keep an eye out. Best, Anni xx

    2. I'm so glad your father is doing better, Anni. Like you, I can't imagine a life without mine and I'm so thankful for my family.

      Best wishes to you, your family, and continued sales of Luke's Redemption.

    3. Thanks so much Lori. Your support as a fellow debut author has been heartwarming. Best, Anni xx

  3. Hoping that all goes well with your father. Happy Thanksgiving. Your blurb was engaging. I'm wishing you many sales.

    1. Thanks Judy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones as well. And thanks for all your support. xx

  4. Beautiful post, Anni. So happy to hear your father is doing better. Wishing you all the best. :)

  5. Anni, It's hard to comprehend a parent's love...I don't think I ever really understood how much my parents loved me till I had my daughter. So glad your dad's a trooper! Wishing him, and you, all the best.

  6. Lovely post! I adored my father. Glad yours is on the mend. Congratulations on your book!

  7. Mary, Laura and Charlotte - thanks so much for visiting and for your well wishes for my father. Happy thanksgiving to you all. Best, Anni xx