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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thankful Author- Judy Ann Davis++

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a special day when we can gather our family around a table of delicious food and reflect on all things and all the reasons we should be glad we’re celebrating the day. And, although we might worry about the calories we’ll be enjoying from the tempting food, we don’t have to worry about finding the perfect gifts for everyone on our Christmas list.
©I’m thankful to be able to be born in a country where I am able to create and write freely without fears of censorship or retribution. I’m also thankful for all the readers who purchase our novels and who encourage us as well as our family members who support us in our crazy profession.
© I’m thankful for all our service people—the military, rescue squads, firemen, police and many, many more whose occupations are to protect our freedoms and who are dedicated to keeping us safe. We are, indeed, land of the free because of the brave.
©I’m thankful for the editors, publishers, artists, marketing professionals, and production and support personnel who take our creation of words and help us sculpt them into smooth, finished works of art called novels.
©I’m thankful for all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes around us—like bright sunny days, scarlet sunsets, serene snowfalls, gentle rain, the smell of pine-tinged air, the warble of a song sparrow, the chirping of a cricket, the taste of summer’s first strawberries—and all the wondrous gifts our Heavenly Creator gives us each day to help us to be inspired. 
Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!

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Rancher Flint Ashmore never expected to find a redware potter squatting on the property he purchased along Cherry Creek with his three younger brothers and sister.

With a ruthless fiancé on her heels, Julia Gast has fled from Pennsylvania to the Colorado Territory to set up her pottery business, raise horses and make ring flasks used to carry water..
She desperately needs not only the rich clay deposits of Cherry Creek, but also cash to survive. Against her better judgment, she aligns herself with a renegade Indian who helps her gather wild horses to sell the same Army which is hunting him.

But long-held secrets in the Ashmore family and Julia’s past will set off a series of chain reactions, throwing Flint and Julia together to try to thwart mutual enemies who are attempting to destroy them.

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Hired as the town’s school teacher, Maria O’Donnell and her sister Abigail arrive in the Colorado Territory in 1875, only to find the uncle they were to stay with has been murdered.

Youngest Ashmore brother, Tye, is content with life until he meets quiet and beautiful Maria O’Donnell and falls in love at first sight. The school teacher’s reluctance to jeopardize her teaching position with a marriage proposal only makes him more determined to wed her.

When their lives are threatened by gunshots and a gunnysack of dangerous wildlife, Tye believes he is the target of an unknown enemy. Not until Maria receives written threats urging her to leave does she realize she might be the target instead.

With the help of Tye and wily Indian Two Bears, Maria must put aside her fears to uncover her uncle’s killer. But will she discover happiness and true love under Colorado’s starry skies?

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Pennsylvania native Judy Ann Davis writes both historical and contemporary romantic suspense as well as short stories.
She began her career in writing as a copy and continuity writer for radio and television. Many of her short stories have appeared in various literary and small magazines, and anthologies, and have received numerous awards.
When Judy Ann isn't behind a computer, you can find her looking for anything humorous to make her laugh or swinging a golf club, where the chuckles are few.
She is a member of Pennwriters, Inc. and Romance Writers of America.

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  1. Welcome to the blog Judy, it's lovely to have you. I completely adore your thankful list, it echoes exactly what I'm thankful for as well.

  2. Beautiful list, Judy! So grateful for our military, too! I have several in my family, and value their service.

  3. I'm coming in on this late. Thank you, Angela for hosting me and my novel, Under Starry Skies.