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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Character Interview with Brenda Whiteside

Happy Thursday readers. 
Please join with me in welcoming back author Brenda Whiteside
Brenda has brought her wonderful characters Lacy and Phoebe with her today for a little chat.
Let's get started.

Angela, thanks so much for having me back. 
I thought everyone might be tired of hearing from me, so I decided to let best friends, Lacy Dahl and Phoebe Anderson, answer a few questions. These two ladies are the heroines in the first two books of my Love and Murder Series.

Me: First off, would you two introduce yourselves?

Lacy: I’ll go first since book one, The Art of Love and Murder, is my story and takes place mainly in Flagstaff, Arizona. I own the Lacy Latte in Scottsdale, Arizona. I bought the coffee café after my husband was killed in a mountain climbing accident three years ago. I have two children, August who is twenty-three and Dylan, who is twenty. After my husband died, I lost both of my adoptive parents. I’m a bit on shaky ground.

Phoebe: Judas Priest, Lacy, you’re stronger than you know. I mean, what about…whoops, can’t talk about that. As for me, I’m a somewhat successful murder mystery author—

Lacy: I’d say more than somewhat!

Phoebe: (clears throat) Anyway, my story is told in book two, Southwest of Love and Murder. I’ve been single forever since I divorced my low-down, cheating husband after one year of marriage. Actually, I have to thank him a little—when I killed him on paper seventeen years ago, the book launched my career.

Me: You two seem very different. How did you meet?

Phoebe: I discovered Lacy’s coffee café not long after she opened. We just clicked. I spend my mornings writing up in the loft while I consume luscious lattes and a delicious scone. Lacy usually joins me for a visit after her morning run…difference number one.

Lacy: We do practice yoga twice a week together.

Phoebe: Does that count as exercise? (pats her waistline) I do enjoy it. Lacy is a dark haired, green-eyed beauty with a figure to kill. She wears a rose-patchouli essential oil mixture and is a shoe nut. She drives a fancy, crimson red BMW Z4.

Lacy: And my dear friend Phoebe, is a blonde—

Phoebe: With a few streaks of pearly gray!

Lacy: Mostly blonde, sometimes braided, lovely Scandinavian woman. She’s healthy looking in her filmy blouses and airy skirts. She wears Holland and Barrett essential lavender oil and drives a VW bug. And she dates the most interesting, artsy men.

Phoebe: Well, at least I date!

Me: Okay, Okay. So you’re like night and day but it works for your friendship.

Phoebe: Well, yes, but we do get tangled up with brothers. Sheriff Chance Meadowlark shares the story with Lacy. I have more than a tumble with his twin brother and rancher, Mason Meadowlark in Chino Valley, Arizona.

Me: It sounds like there’s enough romance and physical contact to go around?

Lacy and Phoebe: Oh yes!

Me: But murder too?

Lacy: I discover some old murders that turn my world upside down. Add the new murder to that, and it gets dicey and intriguing…dangerously so.

Phoebe: I write about murder every day, but I don’t expect it to happen in my real life. An obsessed fan brings my books to life and puts Mason in a world of hurt. Damned if I’ll let that happen—

Me: Wait, Phoebe. Let’s not say too much. Let’s share a teaser on the two books and call it good for today. Thanks, ladies!

The Art of Love and Murder
A mother she never knew, the identity of her father disputed – secrets, threats and murder. Lacy’s past and present collide spinning her deeper into danger and further from love.

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Southwest of Love and Murder
Writing murder mysteries is all in a day's work until an obsessed fan brings Phoebe's stories to life.

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Although I didn’t start out to write romance, I’ve found all good stories have to involve complicated human relationships. I’ve also learned, no matter a person’s age, a new discovery is right around every corner. Whether humorous or serious, straight contemporary or suspense, all my books revolve around those two facts.

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 Thank you Brenda, Lacy, and Phoebe for being here today. It was wonderful having you all.


  1. Entertaining interview! Love the idea of having two characters interview each other.

  2. Fun interview!! They're quite a couple of gals :)

    1. Thanks, Barbara. They make writing them fun.

  3. Enjoyed the interview! I love independent women!

  4. "Judas Priest Lacy,"- I love that line. Wonderful interview Brenda. Thanks for being here today.

    1. Thanks for having me, Angela. I enjoyed it!

  5. Hi Brenda, er, Lacy and Phoebe, what a terrific interview. I love all things western as well as mysteries so... I can't wait to read these! Best of luck!!

  6. I loved this interview. A great chat to start my morning. Thanks ladies! :)

  7. WOW, Brenda. I'm always looking at different ways to approach talking about our writing. You get the ACADEMY AWARD for the greatest idea yet, having your characters interview one another. So fun t read, Brenda!