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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Like Mother, Like Daughter

'Like Mother, Like Daughter'. 'Like Father, Like Son.' How often have we heard those phrases?

As a parent, it amazes me to no end when my kids emulate and surpass the strengths of myself and their dad.  It also embarrasses me to no end when they all to gleefully embrace our weaknesses, making us regret every single stupid thing we ever did to our own parents.

Fortunately  this post isn't about weaknesses. It's about strength and the awe of seeing yourself mirrored in your child and at a glance, being able to see the bright future that lies ahead of them and being so infinitely proud of the children that God gave us, to conceive and raise to the best of our abilities

For the past several months, my youngest, Emilee has been writing her own book. 
She's spent countless hours filling notebooks full of drawings and writings. She's set up boards on Pinterest  (she's got a thousand more followers than I do, no lie) trying to bring her characters to life through celebrity inspiration, costumes, and weapons. I've listened to her explain about her characters, answered what questions I could concerning paranormal powers and characters. As she continues to bang away at her story.

I've managed to avoid reading what she's wrote so far, encouraging her to finish writing it all down in her notebooks before borrowing the computer to type it all in. (The same process I go through) So that she can "flesh" out her characters as she types and in the process gain confidence from what she's written without being influenced by what I might say (aside from editing) that might alter the flow of her story in a way that takes it from the path that she wants it to go.

A writer's ego is such a fragile thing and being young, I don't want her to think that she needs to conform her writing to appease her readers. Because there is NO way she can appease them all! None of us can.

That being said, (and boy did this post go in a totally different direction than I wanted it to), I left my computer on this morning while I went to grab a quick shower and when I got back, this small excerpt was on the screen. I was blown away. Quickly filled with a pride that has yet to abate, because dang, she's good.

So without further ado, this one proud mama would like to present a small excerpt from Jackilin Red and the Destroyers by Emilee Hayes. A young adult paranormal filled with vamipres, shifters, werewolves, and childhood dreams
*Copyright- Emilee Hayes

An earsplitting scream cut through the sky. Then, I realized that the scream was coming from me! 

Right before I hit the ground someone caught me. I opened my eyes a little and saw him. His eyes were turning a fiery red from anger his wing blared and sparks flew everywhere. He flew over toward a corner and set me down.

        “Sam! Come stop the blood! I’ll take them.” He said. His eyes were starting to look like they were on fire. They were full of anger, yet they were beautiful.

        “Okay. Lio! Fight with Adam, I’ll be with Jackilin!” she yelled.

Then, I went unconscious from blood loss. I was hallucinating. I was in a field, with grass and nothing else. Adam wasn’t there. Then, I fell to the ground and started screaming loudly.  He wasn’t there and I started freaking out like a little girl. Suddenly, I realized I loved him. I missed him. Not because he saved me, but because he was him.

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