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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Author Interview- Ashantay Peters

Happy Saturday readers.
What better way to spend today than curled up with your favorite beverage and 
Ashantay Peter's brand spankin' new book, 
Pipe Dreams.

Thank you, Angela, for hosting me on your blog today. I am pleased to be here!
I'm so happy you could be here with us today. 
To get us started, can you tell me three words that describe yourself starting with A, B, and C.

A - Atlantis - parts of me have sunken, and many brain cells have disappeared.
B - Backtalk - my characters often voice the ideas I mute in myself.
C - Comedy

What are your three favorite things?

Reading, gardening, volunteering at my library

Are you self- published or with a publishing company (if so, which one?)?

I am published with The Wild Rose Press. Lovely people - great company.

Was there any particular inspiration for your characters or story?

My latest release, Pipe Dreams, was inspired by an incident that happened to me many years ago. I kept smelling pipe tobacco in my home and couldn't find the source. Drove me nuts!

How much is your character like you?

All of my characters have little bits of me.  Or is it that I have bits of them? Either way, I believe in sharing. Old hippie Sally is more like me than Abby, however.

 Music is a big influence on my writing. I have certain songs that inspire each chapter, or the whole book. What helps to inspire you?

While I don't listen to music when I write - whole song lyrics get transcribed into my manuscript before I know it - I do get inspiration from classic rock. I'll be pondering a plot twist when a song comes on the car radio and voila! I have my answer.

What is the ultimate goal you have for your career?

To make people laugh and, if lucky, to help a reader recognize themselves in a character and find the courage to change what they no longer can accept about themselves.

Describe your perfect day?

My perfect day is filled with laughter, good food, long-time friends, and wine. Plenty of wine.

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press
Genre – Fantasy
Words – 55,630
Release Date – March 27, 2015


Abigail Stephens left her past behind or did she? When she moved to Blue Peak, she expected to find sanctuary and a new start. Instead, her new home includes a hippie, a ghost with a mission, and a sexy coffee house owner who undermines her plans.

Carlos Young quit teaching when his fiancée left him for another professor. He’s avoided dating, but his mother’s demand for grandchildren is unceasing and more attractive once he meets Abby.

She resists his overtures...for now. Can an intrusive mother, a reticent ghost, and a run-down house bring Abby and Carlos together or will they continue to live pipe dreams?


         “So are you the new owner of this wreck?”
         Her hands clenched, along with her jaw. “I’m the proud owner of what will soon be a lovely home.”
         He snorted. “You planning to have this in shape any time before winter? Because from where I’m standing, you’ll need more than a mop.”
         Abigail’s ears heard echoes of Rich. “I have power tools, and I know how to use them. You have an issue with that?”
         “No, I don’t have an issue. You’ve got work ahead of you. Just sayin’. I guess you’ll be hiring a crew for the big stuff, right?”
         Abigail threw her shoulders back. This guy sounded exactly like Rich. Bossy. “I can handle it.” She’d already sub-contracted the larger jobs, but that wasn’t his business.
         His mouth drew into a tight line, his hands fisted on his hips. “Sorry to bother you. I stopped because it looked like you might need a hand. Guess I misunderstood.”
         Dropping his hands, Carlos turned to leave, looking back with a frown. “Good luck with this place. Come on, Henry, we’re not needed here.”
         Henry paused, allowing her to ruffle his fur. He broke into a run, following the pissed-off man. An imp on her shoulder prodded her to call after him, “Bye, Henry. You can come visit anytime.” Sotto voce she added, “But leave your human home.”
         The dog’s owner kept walking with his shoulders up around his chin.
“Men,” she huffed under her breath. “Just a bunch of know-it-all jackasses. And the good-looking ones are the worst.”

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 About the Author

Ashantay Peters lives in the North Carolina mountains, where she loves escaping into a well-written book. Her reading addiction also has her perusing magazines, newspapers, Internet articles and even food labels. The last is often feebly excused as an attempt to maintain health, but her friends know the truth.

Ashantay has four romantic-suspense/mystery releases with The Wild Rose Press: Death Stretch, Death Under the Mistletoe, Death Rub, and Dickens of a Death.  She is at work on a sequel to Pipe Dreams entitled Déjà vu All Over Again.

She loves to hear from readers and promises not to stalk anyone who contacts her.

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Web site -www.ashantay.com

Amazon Author Page


  1. I absolutely love the cover. Great excerpt too! Wishing you many sales ;)

    1. Thank you, J.L. Same to you with your book - so happy we are sharing the same release day!

  2. Oooh. Sounds like a fascinating story. And I love your A,B, & C. So witty.

    1. Thank you, Lilly - best wishes on your new release, too!

  3. Welcome Ashantay. What an amazing cover! Just wondering, when you finished writing Pipe Dreams, did the tobacco smell go away?

    1. I don't currently live in that house, but the smell did finally leave. Though a series of strange incidents did follow...(grin)

  4. Loved your A,B, C description of yourself. Ample evidence of your delightful sense of humor. Can't wait to read Pipe Dreams.

    1. Thank you, Linda! I'm looking forward to reading your cozy!

  5. Love the cover Ashantay and the book is pretty awesome too! 😀

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    1. Thank you, Barb! So happy my words could trigger your smile!

  9. I just downloaded this book last evening and can't wait to dive in. Darned housework should really come first, shouldn't it? Well, maybe not. What's a little dust???

    1. Dust? When you have dust bunnies, then maybe...I hope you enjoy the read, Laura. Thanks for stopping by and for buying my book!

  10. I love the cover, the title, and your "A" word. I identify with that one--painfully! Great interview.

    1. Thank you, Liz! I had fun with the questions.

  11. Sounds like a fun book, Ashantay. And that's a great picture of you at the beginning. I love it. Best of luck with your book.

    1. Thank you, Polly! I appreciate you stopping by and your best wishes!

  12. Sounds like a great combination of fun, adventure & romance!

  13. The cover is beautiful and the excerpt shows such potential tension. I'll have to check this one out.

    1. Thanks, Debra! I love the cover, too. Diana Carlile designed it.

  14. I think this book should be a seller! And we have much in common, Ashantay, from Old Hippy Sally to wine. LOL Good luck.

  15. I love your bio photo, Ashantay! It makes me smile along with you. And I laughed at your A B C descriptions. Great interview and I'm looking forward to reading your book. Wishing you so much success. :)

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