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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quick Promo- Alicia Dean and friends- Featuring Kathy L Wheeler

Happy Wednesday readers.

Today's trip to the roaring 20's is brought to you by author Kathy L Wheeler, so grab your martinis and put on your dancing shoes. Things are about to get... Reckless!

Martini Club 4 – The 1920s

When my friends, Amanda McCabe, Alicia Dean and Krysta Scott began meeting at the Martini Lounge in Edmond a few years ago, it was just to chill out, possibly make fun of others—uh, no, that’s not right...movies! We talked about movies. But there were days I went home and told my husband, “Oh, my god! I cannot believe the stuff I am learning [regarding the publishing industry]. On different publishers, agents, other writers. You see, while I’ve been writing since 2007, I wasn’t yet published. He—my husband—was just as excited for me as I was. 

Alicia mentioned that she couldn’t remember who made the offhand remark about doing a series. Well, I believe it was me. And the setting around the Martini Lounge was just a natural way to go. Amanda loved the 1920s which is how we began with that particular era. Plus, The Great Gatsby was coming out in theaters (see? I told you we talked about movies.) As I recall, Amanda made us all go see it to! I don’t go to many movies, but I’ll admit that I really liked it.

The four of us over the course of the past few years have had several retreats where we’ve rented a house in Eureka Springs, braved an ice storm to get to Tulsa, stayed across town at a Homewood Suites. Being a part of this group has been one the most meaningful of my life. I hope our next decade series turns out as well as the 1920s! We rock.

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Martini Club 4 Series – The 1920s Book 3 
by Kathy L Wheeler

How difficult or how easy was it to coordinate ideas/characters?

Well, when you are drinking martinis it was really easy! But when we stopped there was quite a bit of coordinating to do. But the journey was fun and I look forward to several more. I was in California a few weeks ago, just as were trying to wrap up the stories so that we could get to the formatting stage, when Alicia and I started going back and forth on a particularly important scene for both our stories. You see, her character's predicament was my character's inciting moment. So we had to make sure the dialogue matched to a "T" even though each story was told from our own character's point of view. We were laughing our tails off because it was sort of like that Gossip Game. You know, the one where you whisper one thing and by the time it gets to the end of the line what was said was completely different? It was kind of like that. So we ended up "acting" out the characters parts. Just reading exactly what they said, and nothing else. We totally should have YouTubed it!

How is your writing style different from the other authors?

I love Alicia's answer to this. We were just talking the other night (at Martini Club, of course) how her characters needed to go off of their anti-anxiety medication because they didn't seem to care about anything! Not quite true, but very funny. We all have our different strengths of course, and it's funny how they differ and seem to be able to round out each of our stories for the others. I'm not sure that makes sense (it does to me). In other words, my stories are more character driven not plot driven. In the beginning, I was worried I didn't have enough of a plot for 30k words. Just plenty of emotional and satirical drama. Sort of like me in real life.


Lady Margaret turned Lady Bootlegger… 

Singer Margaret (Meggie) Montley needs money…fast. Her friend is in a dire situation with nowhere to turn. While Meggie is on the brink of stardom, it’s not soon enough to save her friend. 

Harry Dempsey is out to avenge the deaths of his father and brother at the hands of a ruthless gangster. But trouble spirals out of control when Meggie Montley shows up the night he meets his nemesis to settle the score. Saving the impetuous woman from a crime lord might be easier than saving her from her own reckless behavior.


Meggie stared at the heavy metal in her hand, feet rooted to the ground, shock coursing through her.
Harry’s fierce bark startled her forward. Was she supposed to hold it? Put it in her pocket? Stuff it in her pants like Harry had? She shoved the gun in her pocket, carefully keeping it pointed to the ground, and hurried her steps.
The moon was but a sliver in the night sky, only offering up the others in shadowed depths. She darted after him, staying close on his heels. Her fingers moved to the hair above her itchy lip and pressed the piece firmly in place.
“Where’s Keaton?” The gruff growl pierced the night.
Harry’s sudden stop caught Meggie by surprise, and she plowed right into him. He responded with a chuckle that sounded more like an evil menace. “Indisposed.” He jerked Meggie by the scruff of her jacket, pulling her from behind him. “This here’s, Sid.” He shot her a flat grin. “He’s mute.”
Mute? She glared at him. Not that it affected him. He’d switched his attention back to the figure in the boat.
A long pause ensued, and Meggie felt the weight of the man’s stare. “We ain’t got all night.”
Harry strode down the pier and jumped in a boat no larger than the loo Meggie and her flatmates shared with their neighbors at the Gables Boardinghouse. Every feminine sensibility she possessed was offended by Harry’s actions, from stomping off ahead of her to his crude language. His head dipped from sight, and a flutter of panic pulsed through her veins.
“Come on, Sid,” he taunted. “I’ll help you in. This is the kid’s first time on a boat,” he directed to his companion.
Meggie gritted her teeth. This was not her first time on a boat. What of her trans-Atlantic crossing on the Empress of India, just six months ago? Besides, that thing he’d just boarded could not be considered a boat.
Oh. He said he’d help her. She ran forward; he was so clever.

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Kathy L Wheeler, author of both contemporary and historical romance was born in Presque Isle, Maine. She grew up in Dallas, Texas but migrated to Boulder then Longmont, Colorado where she attended high school. Her college degree from the University of Central Oklahoma is a BA in Management Information Systems and vocal music minor.
Kathy is an active member of the Oklahoma Romance Writers. Kathy also belongs to The Beau Monde and DARA chapters. She loves the NFL, holds NBA Thunder season basketball tickets and Celebrity Attractions Broadway season tickets as she also adores musical theater. Reading and writing, of course—and just to round things out and to scratch the singing itch—karaoke.
Kathy lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her musically-talented, attorney husband, Al.  They have one grown daughter (who shall have her first baby, by the time this book is available) and one bossy cat, Carly, who acts as if she was the rescuer rather than the rescue-ee!


  1. Love this excerpt! Haha, I also love your answers, Kathy. Yes, it was odd reading just the dialogue aloud to one another, but fun too! :) Yeah, the anti-anxiety thing is actually pretty accurate! :)

  2. Welcome Kathy. I love how the four of you ladies were able to turn each other's "weaknesses" into strengths and in turn magnify what was already a strength into something more. Best wishes.

  3. HI, Angela. My apologies for only getting to see this now. I wasn't able to access it from work. Pesky day job! Thank you for hosting us. Writing these stories was great fun. We are already planning our next brainstorming retreat in May.