Monday, February 2, 2015

Author Interview- Marie Tuhart

Happy Monday readers. 
Are you ready to add a little spice to your day? 
If so, look no further than this smokin' hot book from TWRP wilder rose author, 
Marie Tuhart.

Welcome Marie, 
can you tell me three words that describe yourself starting with A, B, and C.  
Adaptable, Creative

What are your three favorite things?  
Pizza, tea (hot or cold), family

Are you self- published or with a publishing company (if so, which one?)? 
The Wild Rose Press

What for you is the best part of writing?  
Writing the first draft, I love getting to know my characters and 
seeing what kind of trouble they can get themselves into.

 What is the worst?  
It takes so much more out of me than the actual writing, 
but I'm getting to where I do enjoy it a bit more.

When not writing, what can you be found doing?  
When I'm not writing, I'm usually reading, taking my dog for a walk, 
or just talking with friends online

 Favorite item of clothing in your closet?  
My jeans

 When writing, which do you prefer to write with, computer or paper and pen?  
I prefer to write the draft on computer, I do a lot of editing on paper


She needs a dungeon master. He needs her secrets.  
Red Club owner Jessie Michaels isn't looking for love, just someone competent to monitor her dungeon in Lobster Cove's only BDSM club. But a new Dominant catches her eye and makes her tingle in all the right places. She's called away for business before she can catch his name, but not before that commanding voice tempts her for more.
Caleb Drake has returned to Lobster Cove to find out what makes the Red Club so successful only to discover the sexy redheaded sub he met the night before is actually his boss. He vows to keep business separate from pleasure, but the temptation to see if the iron-fisted club owner is truly submissive in the bedroom becomes too much.
But when Caleb's ulterior motive is revealed, will Jessie be ruled by business...or pleasure?


Time to find out if she was a Domme or sub. This time when their gazes met and held, he mouthed the word “Obey.” Her gaze dropped. He sucked in a breath. Damn, she was a submissive. And just what he needed. He couldn’t help himself as he strode across the room.

Caleb stopped when he was within touching distance, and her gaze never rose from the floor.  Excitement stirred in his spine for the first time in a long time.

“Hello,” he said.

"Good evening, Sir.” Her voice was soft but calm, eyes still downcast.

He cupped her chin and tilted her head up. “Look at me, sweetheart, I want to see your eyes.”

Hazel eyes to go with beautiful red hair. He loved looking into the eyes of his subs, unless of  course he had them blindfolded, and then he would make them use other senses.

“Are you available?” He glanced at her wrist. No band. He’d been told anyone with a black band was off limits.

“Excuse me?” a male voice intruded.

Caleb’s gaze left her to see one of the dungeon masters standing next to them. “You’re needed in the other room, Red.”

Her spine stiffened, and she lifted her chin out of Caleb’s hold. “Thanks, Ryan. I’ll be right there.”

Ryan nodded and gave Caleb the once over before disappearing into the private club area.
“Sorry, but I have to go.”
“I understand, but first.” He cupped her cheeks and brushed a kiss across her soft lips. She leaned into him when he released her mouth. “I’ll be here if you want to play later.” He released her and stepped back.

Her fingers touched her lips and then she smiled. “I might take you up on that.” Then she strode away hips swaying.

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  1. What a smokin' hot cover, blurb, and excerpt. I totally loved this book, Marie. Did you have fun writing in the Lobster Cove Series? What was the best and most challenging parts of that?

    1. Hi Nicci, thanks for visiting. Those are great questions for Marie. And yep, that cover is hot, hot, hot.

    2. Hi Nicci, I love the cover too. I did have fun writing in the Lobster Cove series. The most challenging part for me was weaving in the details of Lobster Cove, but another great writer in the series helped me with that. The best was creating the club so it would fit in with the town.

    3. Thanks, Marie. You did such a good job making the club fit. Your characters are so classy even while being totally hot.

  2. i read this only today. sorry i'm late. yesterday i got my paperbacks, this is Larry Farmer, my google name is CottonSr. and between that and my job i only got to this today. so, i keep reading about the Red Lobster series. one of our local authors with TWRP also just wrote a novel for that series. interesting. liked your interview. good luck.