Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Author Interview- Alicia Dean

 Happy Tuesday Readers. Visiting us today is author Alicia Dean. Be sure to leave a comment following the interview as Alicia is looking to give away a copy of either Volume 1 or 2 to one lucky comment-er!!!

Hi Angela, thanks for having me. 
I’m happy to share Burdened, Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll, Volume 2. 
Burdened is a boxed set of five short stories by five Oklahoma authors 
(my offering is a romantic suspense, Thicker than Water), that share a recurring theme of an antique, cursed Scrimshaw doll. This project is special to me, because it was a collective labor of love with my friends and fellow Okies.
(Volume 2, Cursed, is also available. See buy links for both below)
They are each on sale for a limited time for only $2.99!!!

 Tell me three words that describe yourself starting with A, B, and C.
A: Appreciative (Or, at least I try to be. I’m very grateful for my family, friends, and that I’m able to do what I’ve wanted to do all my life, write books)
B: Bossy (Maybe it’s from living alone so long, but I like to be in control and have things my way. But, I also try to be flexible from time to time)
C: Cook (I love to cook for my family)

What are your three favorite things? 


What for you is the best part of writing? 

Hearing from readers who enjoyed my work. 

What is the worst? 

Being stuck, as I am now. I’m working to finish the last few scenes of a suspense I’ve been writing, off and on, since 2009. I can’t quite get these last scenes right.

What’s the one thing you would do if you could be your character for a day?

My story in this boxed set is Thicker than Water, and I absolutely love my hero, Jake Devlin. So…if I could be Julia for one day, I wouldn’t spend it arguing with Jake, that’s for sure. Maybe the opposite of arguing…

What is the ultimate goal you have for your career?

Of course, like any author, I would love to be a rich, famous, NYT best selling author, but that’s more a dream than a goal. I would love to have something I’ve written turned into a movie or television show. My actual goal, though, is to continue writing and improving my craft, and to keep publishing until I am senile, and then to still think I’m publishing.  J

I like how you think Alicia!



Blurb for Thicker than Water:

Sometimes, secrets refuse to stay buried—
A ten-year-old accidental killing and an ancient cursed doll are only part of Julia Bennett's problems. When she returns to her hometown of Covington, Oklahoma for an old friend's funeral, she's thrust into the middle of a murder case—and discovers she never stopped loving her high school sweetheart.
Jake Devlin is now the sheriff of Covington and faced with solving a murder. He isn't surprised to find Julia in the middle of things. She still seems like the troublemaker whose reckless mistake caused a man's death years ago—and who broke his heart when she left him without so much as a goodbye.
Jake makes it clear he's over her, and Julia can't wait to leave Covington behind. But when another friend dies, she knows she must stay. Can they put the past behind them and stop a killer before he claims another victim?


“Turn her loose.” The low, controlled voice came from Julia’s left. She almost wept with relief.
Donny Ray cut his eyes to the side, then back to Julia. “Ain’t none of your concern, Sheriff. Me and her was just having a little chat.”
He loosened his hold enough that Julia could turn her head. The rough brick wall ground against her skull. Jake stood a few feet away. The streetlight behind him illuminated his silhouette like an angel of mercy. He stood with a hand on one hip—the hip where his gun rested.
He tipped his hat back off his forehead. “She doesn’t look like she wants to chat, so I’m thinking you should probably turn her loose.”
“And if I don’t, what you gonna do about it?”
Jake’s shoulders lifted in a laconic shrug. “Don’t think you want to find out.”
The world stilled. She waited for Donny Ray to react. After the longest seconds of her life, his grip on her shoulders relaxed, and his hands dropped away.
“Yeah, sure.” Donny Ray puffed out his chest. “You’re real tough with that badge and gun, Sheriff. Wonder what would happen if it was just man to man.”
Jake unclipped the badge from his waist and slipped his gun belt off his hip. Squatting, he placed them on the ground, then straightened, and held out his hands, palms up. “Okay. Now it’s man to man.”

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  1. Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog, Angela. Fun interview!

    1. Thanks for agreeing to be on the blog, Alicia. Great answers. I wish you tons of sales.

    2. Thanks so much, Angela. Great questions! :)

  2. Thicker Than Water sounds wonderful and Jake Devlin sounds delicious! I wouldn't want to fight with him either! :) Unless of course it's so we could make up afterwards!

  3. :-) Thanks for stopping by, Darcy. LOL, yes, making up might be fun!

  4. Great interview, ladies. Wow, nice excerpt! Congrats on the release, Alicia.

    1. Thank you, Marissa! I appreciate you stopping by.

  5. Hawt! Love it! My kinda man, tough, brave, and kind of a smartass all wrapped up into one! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you like him, M.J. Yeah, he's my kind of man too. Thanks!

  6. Congratulations on the new release, Alicia! I love the excerpt, especially the last few lines. Perfect cliff-hanger.

  7. Another winner, Alicia! No arguing with Jake from me. :)

  8. Nice excerpt, could immediately visualize characters. And love the comment about pubbing until your senile and then thinking you still are!!! LOL

    1. Thank you, Hebby. I'm so glad you could visualize the characters. LOL, well, I suppose if I'm convinced I'm still publishing, it's just as good, right? :)

  9. I agree with Hebby. My favorite line in your interview was how you want to publish until you're senile and then think you're still publishing. I love the excerpt and the hero Jake. Best of luck with the new book.
    Marilyn Baron

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I guess other writers can relate to that sentiment, huh? :)

  10. Congrats on the new release. Always so exciting. Looks like a wonderful book. Great interview...always some cool tidbits about yourself...thanks for sharing.