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Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Week's Releases

Check all these releases that shared the day with Love's Battle. Be sure to download today.

An assassin, a traitorous vampire lover and a power-hungry dark lord. Grave Shifter @GretchenRilyhttp://buff.ly/1l1fryX

He is surviving in a world that doesn't care. Then he meets Carmen. The Kerr Construction Companyhttp://buff.ly/UvDcd3 @LFarmerWrites

Can he protect Jena when a stalker threatens? Beautiful Music @mrsldevore http://buff.ly/UvDdh9

If love isn't worth fighting for, what is? Love's Battle Angela Hayes http://buff.ly/UvDjW6

Can a star quarterback be taught there is more to life than sex and football? Wish for a Sinnerhttp://buff.ly/1l1fz1r Lynn Shurr

A lost wallet, a missing corpse, a red Toyota, and help from a wannabe P.I.=danger! Anonymously Yours @shirleymccann http://buff.ly/1l1fA5C

He’s Mr. Right for the Weekend—a blue-eyed stranger promising pleasure. Accidental Encounter Samantha Gentry http://buff.ly/1pkL9JW

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