Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Check out this press release!!!

Check it out!!! This press release is making the rounds in LA- That's Lower Alabama for all you non-Southern folks!!!

For those of you who read this press release and came to the blog scratching your head about who I am- I am a Baldwin County class of 2000 graduate- check your year book!

My parents are Bud Harrelson and Pat Propst Clay.  Grandparents are Lowell and the late Genie Harrelson and Frank and Shirley Propst. My sister is Kristen Harrelson- she graduated in 2002.

If it's not ringing any bells, it's okay- all that matters is you know now and hopeful will help this fledgling writer out by buying a copy of Love's Battle at and while you at it, you can check out my book trailer- .

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