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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review- The Vampire and the Vixen

Let me start by saying that I thought this book was a really great read.

I feel that, as both a reader and a writer, the hallmark of a well written book is one that takes us outside of ourselves. Where the line between reality and fantasy becomes so blurred you have a hard time remembering that the characters of the book are really nothing more than figments of a brilliant imagination.

It is this personalization that Debra St. John excels at. 

Kelsey could be your co-worker, Rafe could be your boss, and Tracy (who I'm hoping gets a story of her own - hint, hint, Debra!) could be your best friend.

In my opinion The Vampire and the Vixen is worth your time, money, has relatable characters, will be one I will re-read, and has shown a remarkable effort by the writer. I give it 5 hearts.


  1. Nice review, Angela. Definitely makes a reader want to pick up this title (which I have :) Now to get time to read it!

  2. Angela...WOW! Thanks so much. What a great review. I am humbled and honored and so glad you liked the book!

    Barbara...good to know you have a copy, too.

  3. And hmn...I never thought about giving Tracy her own story. Something to think about!

  4. I know I'm a little late here, but it sounds like a book I would definitely check out.