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Monday, October 7, 2013

Frank's Adventure, A Tall Tale

Today's post is brought to you  by my SON. Frank's Adventure was written as a "tall tale" for school.

The first "tall tale" he wrote was almost the exact same story as Spiderman, which we sadly had to erase due to blatant plagiarism. When the almost certain temper tantrum occurred the writing of this "tall tale" became an act one can only describe as similar to pulling teeth.

As a soon to be published author who constantly dabbles in writing, it has become second nature. Thoughts pop into my head, I write them on paper, and then like playing with the countless number of Lego's we own, I begin to build on what is written. When the words are flowing, the writing is effortless. When the words aren't, it's a dead end I find hard to rectify.

This collaboration opened my eyes and got me to thinking. How is one taught how to write a story? For this particular "tall tale" is began with me asking SON leading questions.

1. What was Frank doing?
2. How did he first notice Spider pig? Did he make a sound, did he see him?
3. What was Frank's reaction? What he scared? Amazed? Speechless?

Needless to say the next time I come up against a brick wall in my writing, I might just have to ask myself a few leading questions to see where they can lead me.

And now, without furthur ado...

One day when Frank was walking home from school he heard a strange noise. It sounded like a growly oink. Frank decided to investigate. When he did, he saw a spider pig! It was a pink pig with eight spider legs, fangs, and a curly pig tail. Frank was not scared. In fact, he thought spider pig was cool! “That’s a whole lot of bacon,” He said. But Frank was worried. Spider pig was very skinny. “Are you hungry spider pig?” He asked. Spider pig grunted. Frank dug in his lunch box and found a pack of crackers. He gave them to spider pig. Spider pig was glad to have found a new friend. As Frank patted spider pig, he decided to give him a name. “I’m going to call you Spider pig.”
Together they began to walk home. On the way they passed the grocery store. An elderly lady was having a hard time carrying her groceries. Spider pig knew what to do. He made a web basket to carry the bags in. Together Frank and Spider pig helped the old lady. It made them feel good when she gave them a quarter. They decided to do more good deeds on the way home. Using Spider pig’s super strength they pulled a car from a swamp. With Spider pig’s many legs they rescued a cat from a tree and helped the firemen hold the water hose at a fire.
“Now what do we do?” Frank asked Spider pig. They were almost home. “Mom’s cooking dinner.” Frank said. “We can rest until there’s a new problem!” He suggested. At Spider pig’s oink, Frank nodded. “Hmm,” he wondered. “Think we’ll have pork chops tonight?” Frank said. Spider pig shook his head no, not amused. “Well how about steak?”

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