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Thankful Author 2018- Sabrina Fish

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May you eat ALL the desserts, enjoy the holiday surrounded by family and friends, and devour at least one good book! 

The holidays signal the end of another year. As I look back at the highs and lows, and boy did 2018 deliver the extreme ends of both, I’m thankful for so much. But for this post, I’ll touch on the 2 key things. 

 I’m thankful for almost 36 amazing years with the best grandma. Though she lost her battle with cancer in July, my heart overflows with the wisdom she shared, the memories I’ll forever cherish, and that very last “I love you, honey.” I miss her so much, but I know she’s in heaven with Jesus, pain free, and loving on my great-grandma. 

 Five days before my gram passed, my fantasy romance novel, Diomere’s Exile, WON the 2017 National Readers’ Choice Award in Paranormal Romance at a ceremony in Denver, CO. It would turn out to be the last day my gram was aware before the cancer took her from us. She was so incredibly proud of me and I’m thankful I got to share that news with her. 

There are a myriad other things I’m thankful for – good health, a happy marriage, a son who makes me more proud of the young man he is becoming with every day that passes, and readers who love my books. Wherever you are, I would encourage you to give your family an extra squeeze. Life is so fleeting. And if you’re a fan of the fantasy romance genre, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d consider giving my award-winning novel a look. 


The Gate Keeper Chronicles showcases an assorted collection of mythical creatures. In Diomere’s Exile, the heroine is Mer. In the soon-to-be-released book 2, the heroine is half Light Fairy/Half Mer and the hero is a Manticore. So, to show appreciation in awesome author fashion, I’m going to giveaway 1 e-book copy of m book 1, Diomere’s Exile. All you have to do is comment on this post with your favorite mythical creature. 

Title: Diomere’s Exile
Series: The Gate Keepers Chronicles, Book 1
Author: Sabrina A. Fish
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Five Gates. Five Sisters. Five Very Different Men.

Once there were two worlds connected by five magical gates. Then the Gate Keepers closed the gates and disappeared. The Gate Keepers have returned.

Nadia de Quinones was exiled when her nephew, the crown-prince was abducted on her watch. She’ll let nothing stand in the way of her redemption, not even discovering her heartbonded and a connection to an ancient magical gate.

Lord Gregor Cyrene is sworn to protect his country's royal heirs. After the youngest prince’s life is threatened, Gregor sets out to discover who is responsible and suspects the answer lies with Nadia. When fate forces their competing goals to align, neither are prepared for the irresistible attraction between them. 

Can they see beyond their pasts and a millennia old hate between their people? Or will they continue to distrust, allowing those plotting against them to win?


Playing her part, she bit her bottom lip and looked up at him through her lashes. “Pardon, m’lord. I didn’t mean to mistake you for a running path.

His low, husky voice caressed her ears, its softness belying strength and control rather than weakness. “If all runners were as beautiful as you, I’d be willing to be the path more often.”

She barely kept from rolling her eyes. Expose a little cleavage or the hint of a curvy figure and men were all the same, the sight of a woman’s face being totally unnecessary to judge beauty. Even had she not been wearing the mask, she knew there was nothing beautiful about her. Too tall and mouthy, she preferred dressing like a Diomerean nobleman rather than the noblewoman she was. Never mind the scar that bisected the left side of her face.

“Thank you, m’lord,” she said, tone dry. She smiled and batted her lashes up at him.

His low chuckle sent a shiver down her spine as he leaned toward her until his breath tickled her ear. “Acting the coy miss isn’t one of your gifts,” he said, his lips grazing her ear, causing an arrow of desire to arc through her body.

She leaned up on her toes, their cheeks only a breath apart, and whispered back. “Insincere flattery is obviously one of yours.”

She caressed his chest, unable to resist the swell of muscle under her palms as she pulled away, chin lifted. Striking amber irises circled in a black outer ring and thick black lashes peeked from the eyes of the mask. Her mind went blank as desire rolled through her, taking her breath. A ripple rolled through the power inside her, like this man had reached in and touched a finger to the still surface of her a’mi. Her smile slipped. You’re acting like Father. Her stomach flipped, threatening to eject her morning meal. She jerked her hands from his chest as if she’d been burned.

He trapped her gaze in his. “Is it not said that flattery makes friends and truth makes enemies?”

Nadia scowled and shoved her a’mi deep.

“Then I’d rather be enemies.” She stepped back and held her hand out in the traditional greeting of her people, rather than the shoulder clasping Thunoans used. His smoldering gaze held a challenge as he slid his palm against hers. His thumb caressed the back of her hand, making her shiver, before he finally pulled his hand back toward his chest, the parchment she’d slipped him tucked between his fingers. The greeting ended with their palms over their hearts. Nadia ignored the heat pooling in her stomach. “The gods keep you, m’lord.”

“Asha’s blessing on you, lady,” he said.

She told herself she clenched her fist because the greeting demanded it, not to hold on to the feel of his skin against hers. Tearing her gaze away, she strode to a nearby vendor’s stall. She smiled at the merchant as she perused his selection of meat pies. Pointing to a small, stuffed pastry, she handed him her coin and glanced over her shoulder. Heated eyes studied her. Her thighs clenched. She frowned and struggled to wrestle back control of her traitorous body. The man tilted his head in a shallow nod, then turned and disappeared into the crowd.

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 Author Bio 

Sabrina A. Fish is an Award-Winning Fantasy and Romance Author who proudly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma. BOOMER SOONER.
Born and raised, mostly, in Oklahoma(ask her sometime about the three years she spent lost in a rabbit hole that looked a lot like Texas), she currently lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, son, and two cats, where she owns a trophy company and collects names for her novels from lists of award’s recipients. She loves all things chocolate and her husband is sweet enough to never let the candy dish near her computer become empty. When she isn't writing & promoting her novels or running her company, she can be found reading, scrapbooking, or spending quality time with her family.
To find out more about Sabrina and her books, visit her website
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