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Thankful Author 2018- Erin Lee

I am so thankful for the amazing supports I have found in my indie book community. From my PA and the CI Marketing Director Kimberly Lee to my live reader and editor Samantha Talarico to my mother, Rita Delude, who taught me to write, I am fortunate to have an incredible team behind me. 

I'm also so grateful for my readers who follow me from one genre to the next and keep me motivated to get the words to the page. Never did I expect to find myself with 79 books and more in the works when I began this crazy journey. Our shared laughs and getting to know each other have made it all the more fun. Thanks guys!
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages - step behind the Big Top and meet the freaks that steal the show. From a mind-bending contortionist to a talking skull, the freaks will steal your heart and make you question whether magic is an only an illusion after all...

Circus Freak
An Erin Lee Novel
Circus Freak Series Book Two
By Erin Lee
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Paperback Link:
Being Martha
Circus Freak Series Book Three
Ebook link:
Print version link:
The Contortionist
Book Four
Circus Freak Series
Book Five
Circus Freak Series
GR TBR: Star by Erin Lee via @goodreads
What happens when the greatest show and the only alien on earth collide?
Meet Neptune.
Born between the stars, she really had no other destiny. Tired of being a spectacle and unable to fit in with ordinary humans, Neptune finally finds a home in the circus. There, as the best-ever flying act, Neptune tries to make sense of her freaky co-workers; all of whom seem to have secrets.

Fix Me
By EL George, author of Goodbye Unicorns

“Why can’t you fix me, Mommy? You always do. You’re the only one who fixes me.”
Hush was the word from my favorite bedtime song. It was the one where Mommy promised to give me the world and never, ever let anyone hurt me. But Mockingbirds did sing. I’d heard them. And I was too young for a diamond ring anyway. All I wanted was for her to fix me … again.

This time was different. This time, Mommy didn’t bring me to the doctors where they’d give me stickers and take my blood. This time, she said I wasn’t sick enough. Mommy looked sad. She wanted me to fix her. I knew there was only one way to do that so I forced out a cough.
She smiled.
“Can you fix me, Mommy?”
“Yes. I’m the only one.”
She pulled out the blue stuff that tasted like the car wash. I wanted to throw up but smiled anyway. Anything to make Mommy happy.

Fix Me is the story of a little girl named Josephine who only has one wish:
To be normal like the other kids and not have to repeat another year of school for too many medical absences. But to get there, it will take making her mother—a sufferer of caregiver fabrication syndrome—healthy again. Josephine after all, is the only one who can pull it off – if time doesn’t run out for her first…

Bella Amore
A paranormal romance

#PNR #Twisted #CrazyInk #Suspense

Erin Lee​*BeBe Harlow

Bella is only twenty-two years old when she inherits her Great Aunt Angela’s striking home in the country. Fresh out of college and a life in Milan, she’s not sure she’s ready for that kind of responsibility. But with no job prospects and a fledgling idea to open a bed and breakfast, the young woman sets off to the family home with an open mind and big hopes for possibilities ahead.
Dreams of the young are a beautiful thing. Only, they can be deceiving. Dreams can quickly become nightmares.
Blake was only twenty-five when he lost his life. Dead twenty years, he resents the living and has waited years for the old woman at 666 Amore Court to die. Now, with full control of the mansion at the very end of the windy road where he took his last breath, he has big plans.
Agendas of the wicked are ugly things. Only, they can be misleading.
Alone in the countryside, Bella begins to see and hear strange things that can only come from a very evil man. Single-minded not to go back and give up her plans to bring her aunt’s home to life with a lovely facelift, she must decide how to handle the demonic being that haunts her.
Will it be love or a fiery fight between an innocent dreamer and a bitter man resolute to end her?
It might be both:
Hate and love inevitably tangle into very twisted things.
Bella Amore is the haunting paranormal love story of two stubborn souls determined to stop at nothing to turn their nightmares into dreams.

Art Inspires Words
Books One & Two
Crazy Ink multi genre anthologies to celebrate the arts

#Art #CrazyInk #Multigenre #Anthology #Collection

What happens when a painting meets the blank page?

Book One:
Book Two:

Famous French impressionist Edgar Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” With that sentiment in mind, Crazy Ink accepted submissions from numerous authors who choose from two dozen paintings in the public domain. From the painting each one picked, the writer was to develop a short story for this collection. They could use the painting as inspiration for their story in any fashion they wished. Authors could take a scene set in medieval times and create a story set in the twenty-first century; writers could have the painting stolen or destroyed and write a mystery; or they could simply reflect on the colors, shapes, or mood of the painting to decide which direction their stories would take.
Writers take inspiration from their experiences and those of others. They also harvest the colors, tastes, smells, tactile stimulus, and sounds around them, and the world in which they reside or wish they could to write their tales. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
For this two-book anthology, Art Inspires Words, we literally gave the writers a painted canvas to spark their creativity. The only limitation set on each author was that the famous painting he/she selected must be the muse for the story. That’s how the stories you are about to read were created. Art inspired more art, this time in the form of words. Relax in your most comfortable space and enjoy.

Art Inspires Words

Book One *Sara Schoen*Rita Delude*Lorah Jaiyn*M. Rain Ranalli*Bella Emy *M. W. Brown

Book Two*EL George*C. Cotton*Marolyn Krasner*Michele Shriver*Tiffany Carby *Erin Lee*Kathia Iblis

International bestselling author Erin Lee, who also writes as EL George, is a dark fiction/reality author and therapist chasing a crazy dream one crazy story at a time. She is the author of Crazy Like Me, a novel published in 2015 by Savant Books and Publications, LLC, Wave to Papa, 2015, by Limitless Publishing, LLC and Nine Lives, 2016. She’s also author of When I’m Dead, Greener, Something Blue, Freak, The Ranch, Once Upon A Reality, Take Me As I Am and 99 Bottles. She also penned Losing Faith, a novella with Black Rose Writing. 

She is also author of the “Diary of a Serial Killer Series,” Momma, which this series is based on, and the “Lola, Party of Eight Series” with Zombie Cupcake Press.

Lee is a co-founder of the “Escape from Reality Series”—a multi-genre, twenty-author, three-year, shared-world series with authors Taylor Henderson and Sara Schoen. Together, the trio has created the fictional town of Escape, Colorado, where authors and readers of all genres come to escape. Lee is also the founder and owner of Crazy Ink Publishing, LLC – a multi genre indie publisher because it takes all kinds. 

Lee holds a master’s degree in psychology and works with at-risk families and as a court appointed special advocate. When she isn’t busy dissecting the human experience, she enjoys escaping from reality through reading and a myriad of crazy adventures that will probably one day get her killed. She’s cool with that.
To learn more about Lee’s work, visit or
To join her Facebook street team and fan club group, look for Crazy Ink Events and Promo, Crazy Inklings and/or The Outsiders Street Team.
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Erin Lee/EL George’s Released & Upcoming Titles
(Multi-genre because it takes all kinds of crazy)

Serial Killer/Crime

Just Things
 (Diary of a Serial Killer Book 1)
Jimmie's Ice Cream
(Diary of a Serial Killer Book 2)
Thing Fifteen
(Diary of a Serial Killer Book 3)
(Prequel to Diary of a Serial Killer Series)
Cotton Candy
(Sequel to Diary of a Serial Killer Series and Book 15 in Ice Cream Shop Series)


Alters (Lola, Party of Eight Book 1)
Host (Lola, Party of Eight Book 2)
Merge (Lola, Party of Eight Book 3)

Lola, Party of Eight Series Box Set

99 Bottles
The Cell
Dangerous Games
Twisted Things
Midnight Kiss


The Ranch
Moving On
The Cabin
Daddy’s Girl
Daddy’s Trash
Circus Freak
The Haunt
Soul Less
When Darkness Whispers
Pawn Takes All

Escape Reality Serial Series

Greener (Escape from Reality Series Book 3)
Apryl’s Fools (Escape from Reality Series)
(Circus Freak & Soul Less)

Circus Freak Series

Circus Freak
Being Martha
The Contortionist

Circus Freaks – the full length novel


Scary Mary
Pretty Bones
The Ghosts Who Raised Me

Romance/Dark Romance/PNR

Something Blue
(Happy Endings Resort Series Volume 28)
The Morning After
White Antelope
Dangerous Games
No Shame
Risking Destiny
Bella Amore
Wings of the Wicked Box Set

Social Work/Family

Losing Faith
Take Me As I Am
Losing Faith
Wave to Papa
Goodbye Unicorns
Fix Me
When I’m Dead
One Good Reason

New Adult

Nine Lives
From Russia, With Love
To Hell with Russia
When I’m Dead


Between the Cushions


Maxine the Rainbow Cow
Cupid Cow
Maxine & Ben

Abuse/Self Help

One Good Reason
Crazy Ink’s ‘I am Enough’ Journal Series
Crazy Ink’s Quotes 2 Inspire Coloring Book
When I’m Dead


The Curiosities of Seafoam: An Erin Lee Short
Once Upon A Reality: Twisted Spins on the Classics (Reality Series Book One)
Twice Upon A Reality
(Reality Series Book Two)
Third Time’s A Charm?
(Reality Series Book Three)
Crazy Like Me
Love Like Crazy
Shrink Rap
Mixed Nuts: A shorts collection
My (Crazy) Reality
Shrink Rap
It’s A Rap
All Rapped Up


13: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction
13: Déjà Vu (Thirteen Series Book 2)
13: Night Terrors (Thirteen Series Book 3)
13: Resurrection (Thirteen Series Book 4)
13: Carnival of Fear (Thirteen Series Book 5)
Madame Scarlet’s Carnival
Twist Me—ASPCA charity
Slashing Through the Snow
Fractured Fairytales: Book One
Craving: Secrets
Craving: Security
Craving: Christmas
War Cry
Desperate Measures Box Set
Love Rocks Box Set
A Deadly World: Vampires in Paris
A Deadly World: Vampires in New York
Night, Night Sleep Tight
Shopping List, Volume 2
Beautiful Tragedies Poetry
Crazy About Love
Night, Night Sleep Tight
Crazy Fools
Mad Mabon
Tangled Box Set
Motel 666
After Ever After
Villains Ever After
Insane Insomnia
The End?
Bloody Bonkers
Sub Tweet
Christmas Past
Love Still Sucks
Crave Anthologies – Security, Forbidden, Secrets
Carnival of Fear
Carnival of Nightmares
13: Anthology Series – Limitless Publishing
Campfire Tales
Classic Twists
Freaky Fetish
7: Virtue
7: Sin
Art Inspires Words Series
Beyond Oz
Beyond Wonderland
What Lies Beneath the Shadows
Moonlight Mist Box Set
Sirens’ Lullaby
Unmasking Ripper


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