Monday, November 16, 2015

Thankful Author - Alicia Street

Having grown up in a working class family where things were not always easy, I learned at an early age to be thankful for food on the table, a home with heat in the winter, a car that didn’t break down, boots with no holes in the sole—and of course the love of family and friends. There are so many things in our daily lives that we can take for granted, things that not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have. Thanksgiving begins that special time of year when I remind myself to face each day with a grateful heart. As an author I also want to thank all my loyal readers as well as the supportive cyber-network of fellow authors who make my days that much brighter.

 The Dance ‘n’ Luv series shines a spotlight on women of the dance world—not just the stars, but unsung heroines, the dilemmas they face, and the men who capture their hearts.
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“Simple AH-MEH-ZING…so much depth, emotion, passion and love… A brilliant script for a chick flick we girls would love to cry and swoon about!” ~Unputdownable Books

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If you gearing up for the holiday season and craving a totally sweet romance, check out my Holiday Luv series HERE

Alicia Street is a USA Today bestselling author and a Daphne du Maurier award-winner. She writes both sweet and steamier romances and sometimes collaborates with her husband, Roy. She spent many years as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher and is a compulsive reader of every genre.

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  1. Welcome Alicia, I'm so glad to have you on today. Love the fact that you write with your husband! Happy November.

    1. Thanks, Angela. This is a wonderful series of posts that you are hosting this month.

  2. You're right, it's easy to take things for granted. Great to take the time to be thankful for them.

  3. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing! :)