Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NaNoWriMo Advice- Tena Stetler

Happy Tuesday readers, our days of NaNo advice continues with thoughts from the very discipline and determined author, Tena Stetler. 

                                               A Tale of Fifty Thousand Words in Thirty Days
                                                                                By Tena Stetler

Nano has become somewhat of a tradition for me starting in 2010.  I made my goal of at least 50,000 words each year with the exception of 2013.  That year I failed miserably at only 17000 words. My day job was a monster, the hours were long and by the time I arrived home, I was the monster.  Anyone know what I mean?  But I digress, at 17,000 I still had a working story, plot and characters.  Yea! 
Along with Pikes Peak Writers group, who gave me the tools, Nano gave me the confidence needed to stick my toe in the murky waters of the publishing industry.  The 50,000 words, approximately 1,667 per day, usually is three-quarters of a pretty darn good novel.  Eventually, I submitted one of the manuscripts, received a contract and published it as the first of a series of four, entitled A Demon’s Witch.  Each year I build on what I’ve learned throughout the year and use it to complete the nano challenge.  This year, I’ve completed a short story of 7,000 words, a novella of 20,000 words and a full length novel of 88,000 words in less than six months from draft to submission, to contracts because Nanowrimo taught me the discipline and determination to get it done.  AND it’s not even Novel Writing Month yet! Yes, I am signed up and raring to go for Nanowrimo 2015.  Who’s going to join me?
What does it take to prepare?  A story idea, maybe a list of characters, I always complete a character worksheet on each character in the story I plan to write. Some writers do a story outline.  I’m a panster, so the character worksheet is it.  Let people know, who will keep your feet to the fire, that you are participating in nano and have a 50,000 word goal.  Some people join groups that are also participating in Nano for encouragement and comradery.  Celebrate Halloween then WRITE! No whining, or goofing off, no excuses. You got this!


Keeping a lid on all the paranormal beings inhabiting Washington D.C. is a daunting job. Bruce, a six hundred year old demon and the Territory Overlord of the Western Hemisphere, keeps his finger on the pulse of DC's power players through the activities at his highly successful Wycked Hair Salon. His movie star good looks and body builder physique keeps his dance card full and the rumor mills running. Within these walls, his anonymity is safe, mostly. 

Bruce's world spins out of control when Angelique, a pint size, gorgeous witch, with an attitude breezes through the doors of his salon. She is the younger sister of Tristian, Bruce's long time trusted enforcer, whose professional skills are second to none. Tristian is furious at the relationship between Bruce and Angelique, a dangerous situation. The undeniable attraction between demon and witch promises to tear apart both their professional and personal worlds.

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  1. Good Morning Everyone! Are you all almost ready to plop your rear in the chair and write, write, write? I know Angela is, I think its her first time. Am I right, Angela? What fun. Challenging but oh so satisfying! Come find us at NaNoWriMo, together, we got this! Oh, when I started back in 2010, my employer was a problem, so I signed up under the Irish name, meaning storyteller, MysticSeanachi. So that's what you find me under. Angela are you registered under your name? Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Yes, Tena, this is my first year and I'm am so excited. I did sign up under Angela Hayes and I will certainly be friending you on NaNo. I love that you have been able to take what you've learned and make it a year round thing. Discipline is totally not my thing, but I'm hoping that like you, it will become second nature.