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Author Interview- Sydney St. Claire

Happy Monday readers!
Please join with me in welcoming back author Sydney St. Claire 
and her new book, Beauty Submits to her Beast.

Welcome back Sydney, please start by telling me three words that describe yourself 
starting with A, B, and C.

Accepting of who I am yet Always trying to Better myself and Be all I Can be and to be Confident and Caring of others in my Circle of life

What are your three favorite things?

My laptop, my Ipad and my smart phone. 
With those three things I can read, be organized, have fun, be productive.

What is the ultimate goal you have for your career?

Well, make lots of money but I’ve yet to do that so I’ll settle for producing books that take my readers out of themselves and their troubles for at least a little while. And maybe there’ll be a gem of wisdom found in my stories that touch and affect my readers.

Describe your perfect day?

No cats sitting on my keyboard, no barking dogs. No having to play door monitor to the animals so I can write uninterrupted?  Oh wait, I love my guys so that’s part of the deal…. 
Okay, a good day is one I feel like I accomplished something and didn’t piddle half the day away. A good day is one where I feel good about myself and the world around me.  As I’m optimistic, and positive thinking, this isn’t too bad. A good day is when I remember to be grateful for the good things, even the little things and to recognize those small favors the universe bestows. Finally a good day is a day spent with friends.

As the holidays approach, what traditions do you have?

Since the kids left home, we don’t have too many traditions. I like to decorate the outside of the house but haven’t been able to for a couple of years.  Maybe this year. I have a new grandchild and I look forward to creating some new traditions with her.

Will there be more books in your series, or can you tell us about any previous books?

The Once Upon A Dom series has six books right now. I’m working on Rapunzel Gets Her Dom and next up is Wendy and Captain Dom. There are another six characters in the works to continue. Here are the titles
-Cinderella & Prince Dom
-Red & Her Big Bad Dom
-Snow & Her Huntsman
-Beauty Submits to her Beast—Newly released
-Rapunzel Gets Her Dom—Fall 2015
-Wendy & Captain Dom Late Fall, early Winter 2015

When not writing, what can you be found doing?

Crocheting or knitting. I just finished a crocheted tank top. If it’s not too hot I’ll go tend my garden. I also like to read and even play silly games on my Ipad.

 Favorite item of clothing in your closet?

I like comfortable clothes. Old worn tees, distreputable shorts. Nothing tight and binding. I need to breath when writing.
When writing, which do you prefer to write with, computer or paper and pen?

       Oh computer all the way. If I didn’t have a computer I wouldn’t write. Using pen and paper ruins my creative process totally. I can’t stand scratching and messiness as I’m writing. On the computer, I can edit as I go and get it right. On paper, you have to scratch out and rewrite and then I lose the threads of the good stuff. I used to write longhand when away from the computer but by the time I got to the computer to type it in, I’d stop copying and just write. So it’s a wasted step. Now I might make notes. But not write.

Title: Beauty Submits to Her Beast
Series Name: Once Upon A Dom
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press     
Editor: Diana Carlile
Cover Artist: Diana Carlile
Theme(s): Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales You Mother Never Read You, BDSM, Anal Sex, Military/Cop, Scarred Hero/Heroine
Genre: Romance
SubGenre(s): Erotica, BDSM
Rating:  (R)
Keywords: Sydney St Claire, Once Upon a Dom, Fairy Tales, Erotica, Erotica Romance, BDSM, anal sex, voyeurism, role-play, spanking, erotic romance, Romance

Page Count:  201
Word Count:  approx. 45,502
Digital Price: 3.99
Digital ISBN  978-1-5092-0310-9
COPYRIGHT © 2015 by Susan Edwards


Rancher Caitlin Olsen is in complete control of her life. After years of taking care of others, she’s on her own and loving every minute. She has her horses and her ranch. What more does she need? Yet deep inside, she yearns to give up all her responsibilities and simply experience life. When a friend suggests she try a bit of BDSM role-play, she does her research and accepts an invitation to Pleasure Manor for a fairy tale event.

Former Navy SEAL and Dominant, Damon Steele is a loner. His failure to keep his team alive destroyed too many hopes and dreams. He won’t be responsible for anyone else's life or happiness ever again. There’s no room in his life—or his heart—for romance. Instead, he satisfies his needs at BDSM clubs and never with the same sub. Taking part in the fairy tale event at Pleasure Manor is difficult enough, but when Beauty challenges him both in the bedroom and out, he’s not sure he can control his inner beast.


Caitlin woke during the night in the heavenly bed beneath the open skylight. She’d fallen asleep with her very own prince, in her very own miniature castle. Overhead, the wind rustled through the trees, and the lonely call of their owl drifted into the tree house. Stars winked above. She snuggled deeper. The bed with its feather comforter and mattress top along with the Egyptian cotton sheets was like sleeping inside a cloud.
She turned and stretched out her arms, needing to feel Damon and to prove she wasn’t dreaming. His side of the bed was empty.
Sitting, she frowned. A low sound from the other room caught her attention. “Damon?”
The moan came again. Caitie grabbed the robe she’d used after her shower and left bed. She found him thrashing on the couch. A slanting beam of moonlight revealed a face twisted with pain.
He called out, flung out his arm. Caitie quickly realized he was trapped in the throes of a nightmare. Unsure what to do, she went to him. She knew from the many vets on her ranch not to touch him in case he thought she was an enemy and tried to attack in defense of whatever stalked his mind.
She turned on the lights. He’d removed his leather pants and slept in his own skin. A quilt was twisted beneath him, half on the floor. She couldn’t stop herself from staring. Even asleep, the man had the most impressive body she’d ever seen.
She frowned when she spotted a long, deep, ragged scar furrowed his upper thigh from just shy of groin to his knee. The muscles were taut, and spasms rippled beneath the puckered skin. Good lord. No wonder he limped. She sucked in her breath and sat on the edge of the couch. She knew enough to know he was both lucky to be alive and to have his leg.
“Damon. I’m here. Can you hear me?” As though she were gentling a frightened horse, she spoke soft and low, calling his name. At the same time, she slid her palm up his thigh, her touch faint and gentle, applying more pressure so she didn’t startle him. When she was able to touch him fully, she began massaging his thigh with her thumbs, using long, smooth strokes.
Trapped in his nightmare, Damon lashed out. He heard shouting, screaming, and shrieking. He tried to stand. Couldn’t. Hurt—bad. His men. They needed help. Ambushed. Fuck.
“Can’t get them. Can’t save them.” The pain in his thigh took his breath away. Had he lost his leg? The pain. Breathing was labored, and his heart pounded. He was weak, everything going gray, as though his life was draining from his body.
“It’s all right, Damon. You’re dreaming.”
The gentle voice of an angel threaded through his nightmare, soothing, calming. Heaven? He tried to open his eyes, but the light was too bright. “Not—dream. My men. Killed them.”
“Wake now. You’re safe. You’re with me.”
Safe. The soft, low voice promised he was safe.
“No!” He didn’t deserve to be safe. Or soothed. His men were dead. He was not. Families destroyed. His fault. Pain had him gasping. Pain he deserved.
Except the pain was fading, replaced by warmth seeping into him. He relaxed as hands unknotted muscles and warmed him, as his angel talked and tore him from the grips of hell. He opened his eyes and blinked. An angel in white sat beside him. Not an angel. Caitlin.


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Sydney St. Claire is the pseudonym of Susan Edwards, author of 14 Historical Native American/Western/Paranormal romances and the author of the popular “White” Series.
Sydney loves writing and sharing stories of love, happiness and dreams come true with her readers. She credits her mother for her writing success.  Encouraged to read as a child, she always preferred happy endings which meant romances were her favorite genre.  Sydney takes her readers into the world of erotica romance where her characters come together in explosive passion as they solve life’s problems and find true love along with the best sex our hero and heroine have ever experienced.
Sydney’s office is quite crowded with three dogs at her feet and five cats to keep her company while she writes. Three cats always insist on beds on her desk, barely leaving enough room for her monitor and keyboard. Life gets fun when all five insist on supervising…
When not writing, she enjoys crafts of all sorts including quilting, sewing, cross-stitch and knitting. She and her husband of 30 + years are avid gardeners. He takes care of the veggies, and Susan is in charge of the ‘pretties’. Her medicine wheel garden is in a contact state of war: flowers vs. weeds. Sadly, right now the weeds are wining…
While writing, she listens to a wide variety of music. Her current favorites are Blackmore’s Night and David Lanz.





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  1. I love author interviews. We are such "normal" people, no matter what people think! :)

    1. That we are, Susabelle! Thanks for taking time to visit

  2. Love Navy Seals, though prefer Marine Recons. Interesting topic. Self-doubts, internal demons to wrestle with. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Cotton Sr. I think they are all pretty hot and awesome, at least in our romance novels

  3. Sorry I'm late Syndey. It's great to have you on the blog today. I love your prizes! Wish I had half of your energy. You do so much. How do you manage?

  4. Lol's Angela. First, thank you for hosting me today. As always, I enjoy being here. Energy? Says she who is about to go take a nap! I'm a glutten for punishment. No other explaination for it. And it won't get any easier for the rest of the year! But at least I don't have a day job or kids at home. Just lots of demanding animals! So naps are my answer to craziness!

  5. of those days, lol! I posted a comment and "poof" it vanished. Anyway, as I was saying...I had to view your book trailer first (again) before I read the interview. I loved hearing that you're a optimistic person, since that's me, too. Life's far too short to dwell on the negative. Wishing you all the best with your new release, and I'm bumping up your book on my tbr list. :)

    1. Lol's Mary. I get so frustrated when I lose something I've typed. Thanks for taking the time to come and view and read! Life is so busy I always appreciate the time other's take! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it.