Saturday, May 9, 2015

What's inside your head

Happy Saturday readers!!! 

Like most writers, I am constantly dreaming up new book ideas. I know I have at least 10 floating around in my head, waiting on me to put enough thought into them that they become tangible enough to be written down. 

If you were able to look inside my head, I'm sure it would look like a disjointed library threw-up. For example.

I'm still 300 words shy on finishing my short story  (I'm determined to type The End by Sunday evening). And already brainstorming ideas for follow up stories.

Nearly halfway through with Faith's story, a quarter of the way through with Hope's, three- fourths done with Melanie and Everett's story. (If you don't know who Faith, Hope, and Melanie are, I encourage you to go to Love's Battle's page in this blog and follow the buy link to get familiar with these characters.)

I have a finished paranormal manuscript that is patiently waiting for me to take a very sharp editing pen to it. The second book in this series only needs 5,000 words or less in addition to the same sharp pen treatment, and books three thru ten are nothing but whispy thoughts and brief sentences. When I dream, I obviously dream big!

There is also a cozy mystery I'm trying to work my way around.

And yet, I've got this idea for another series floating around in the back of my mind that won't go away! (More on this in future posts)

Crazy, I know. 
Any sane person would look at this list and say, I think you have plenty to keep your mind and fingers occupied for the next several months, why is this not enough?

I have no idea, all I can guess is this is how a writer's mind is supposed to work. Or maybe mine's just broken. Hey, we all have our faults. 
But it begs the questions for all my author friends, 
what's inside your head?


  1. Angela, like you, I'm a bit crazed at the moment. Final look at historical for TWRP. Excerpt, cover and blurb for next release, a contemporary, that just contracted at TWRP. Twenty pages from finishing another book, which I want to make into a series. But in the meantime, I have a romance from 2000, which was an LA Times Book Festival selection, but I would like to rewrite it as woman's fiction. But I should really be starting on the second in the series, after I get this last twenty pages out. Help!!! Too much going on in my head, don't know what to do next, except for making deadlines. After that, too many decisions!

  2. Hebby, it sounds like you have an overflowing plate. So glad I'm not the only one. Wishing you swift fingers and an unlimited imagination.

  3. Yep, I have three series in various states of (in)completion so I know of what you speak, Angela. There's always that bright and shiny idea that keeps stealing attention!

    1. It's going to take some juggling to get it all worked out, but bright side is, we will always have something to write about.

  4. I constantly have multiple stories running around in my head. When one is really really to get out, it sits in the front, blocking all the others, until I write it. Stories and characters can be pretty pushy like that!