Thursday, February 5, 2015

Quick Promo- Mickey J. Corrigan

Happy Thursday readers.
 I'm so happy to once again be presenting another fantastic book by my dear friend,
Mickey J. Corrigan.
Be sure to read through the quick promo and find out what I thought about it!

A good rum can mix well with anything.

Release Date: January 28 , 2015
Genre: mainstream fiction, crime, romantic suspense 
Length: Novella; 84 pages; 19,000 words
Heat rating: spicy
ISBN: 978.1.62830.720.7
Price: $1.99


Marina Winston's like a daiquiri: cold and sweet and a bit tart. Now her life has suddenly turned bitter.

RealLife Rum asks the kind of questions you might ponder after a little too much time spent at your favorite tropical bar. Such as: Who determines your destiny? The gods or the gods of money?
Marina Winston is about to find out. She's been invited by a stranger to Dusky Beach, Florida, and will meet her destiny there. Her fate involves RealLife Shares, a spy who loves her, a pink pistol, and a handsome police officer with eyes like an Alaskan dog. Also a hedge fund owned by a mysterious multimillionaire and a blatant murder. All this has something to do with Marina, but she has no idea what. 

Officer Handsome interrogates her—and turns her on. To Marina, the cool cop represents the chance to demonstrate her freedom of choice. And Marina is determined to choose her own destiny.


The police officer was really good looking. Tall and beefy, prematurely gray. Sexy, stern, quietly in charge. My kind of hero. Especially when I was in the kind of trouble it appeared was in.
I gave him a sweet little smile. I tried tossing my head so my long blonde hair would catch his eye. I hummed softly, shifted around in my seat. Yawned and stretched like a sleek cat.
He didn't respond. He didn't even glance my way. Instead, he kept studying whatever he had up on his computer screen. Frowning at it, clicking through it. Not looking at me. In fact, he'd been ignoring me for like fifteen minutes.
Maybe the green-tint fluorescent light coming from the saggy plastic strips over our heads was unflattering. You think? One of them was buzzing. So annoying.
I hummed a tiny bit louder. No reaction from the cop. Maybe I looked hideous, all pale and wishwashy. Drained of sex appeal. That would suck.
Or maybe he thought I was a mental wreck. Totally freaked out. Which I was. But I had good reason to be. Watching a man get killed was not something I was used to doing. Even though I was from Los Angeles. Home of the everyday gore murder.
So yes, I was shaken up. Plus, I was bored, tired and not sure what was coming my way next. This particular brand of craziness had not been on my agenda for this two-day trip, my first to the east coast. No wonder I felt like going straight to a dive bar and ordering a big slushy daiquiri.
Hot cop kept his head down, studying his paperwork. Wow, I could just eat this man hunk right up. A strawberry daiquiri and this guy in a bouncy hotel bed? Dream concoction.

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The Wild Rose Press


Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida, where the men run guns and the women run after them. The tropics provide a lush, steamy setting for hot Florida pulp. Books include the edgy novellas in The Hard Stuff series from the Wild Rose Press (Whiskey Sour Noir, Vodka Warrior, and Tequila Dirty); the spoofy Geekus Interruptus and F*ck Normal from Australia's Bottom Drawer Publications; and the thriller Sugar Babies from Champagne Books. Her urban crime novel, Songs of the Maniacs, is new from Salt Publications in the UK. 

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My Review

It's no secret that I love Mickey's writing. 
In a short span of pages she is able to craft solid characters, her vibrant voice keeping the reader on the edge of their seats.  
Real Life Rum is no different.
From the first word, Mickey immerses us in a thought provoking world where money calls the shots and destiny's are controlled as easily as the Stock Market.
Through Mickey's supporting character, Harry, we're lead into a world where the rich have left their conscience behind in search of the almighty dollar as they play god; directing the lives of unsuspecting pawns.
That's where Marina comes in.
A woman bent on living life her way, she refuses to be someone's pawn.
Excellent writing and an amazing plot make this book one you'll definitely want to add to your library.
I give it 5 hearts.

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