Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thankful Author- Mary Morgan

November 22, 2014
Featuring Mary Morgan

What I’m thankful for ~ 
I’m thankful for all the outpouring of support and love for my first book this year. It has been a dream come true and I feel so blessed. As always, I am thankful for my family and friends, too.   

Welcome Mary, tell me three words that describe yourself starting with A, B, and C.
Affectionate, Bold, Carefree
What are your three favorite things?
My travel journals, a music box from my husband when we were first dating, and a very old kitchen aid mixer.
Is there a process you stick to, or do you just write as it hits you?

Yes, I have certain process. I always start out writing in my journal, which I have for each of my books. I make a list of the central characters, places, pictures, and a rough outline. I jot down as much as I can before I sit down at the computer. After roughly ten chapters, I print them out and edit. I’m usually adding in more dialogue or scenes. Also, I’m a morning to late afternoon writer.     
 Music is a big influence on my writing. I have certain songs that inspire each chapter, or the whole book. What helps to inspire you?
Absolutely love music as an inspiration! Nothing else can create that magic. Since my books deal with ancient Scotland and Ireland, I listen to Celtic tunes. Michael Flately’s “Lord of the Dance” is one of my favorites. Music brings out the muse.  
 Will there be more books in your series, or can you tell us about any previous books?
Yes. Dragon Knight’s Medallion, the second in The Order of the Dragon Knights comes out December 5th. The third book is with my editor and I’m working on the fourth. There will be a total of five in this series.


Duncan Mackay will do anything to lift the curse from his family – even forfeit his own life. But his plans change when he encounters the woman from his dreams, literally. She is from the future, somehow has his lost sword, and can talk to the Dragon that is able to lift his family’s curse.
Brigid O’Neill has spent her life listening to the mythological legends from Ireland and Scotland. So, when an ancient sword lands at her doorstep and she starts dreaming of a rugged Highlander, she drops everything and takes on a quest that will alter everything she believes.
Before their journey ends, not only will Duncan and Brigid battle an ancient curse, they must also find the courage to believe in the destiny that brought them together.


He stood next to the waterfall, beads of water glistened from his dark locks. Brigid watched as they trailed down his chiseled torso, traveling down to where his tartan was wrapped low around his waist. The wind whipped at the folds of his plaid; the power coiling within and about him as mystical as the land he stood upon.
“Ancient warrior,” she uttered softly.
When she looked up into his eyes, they smoldered with desire, and it startled her. A delightful shiver of wanting ran through her body. The raw desire to be in this man’s arms, touching and tasting him was so potent that she could feel her heart hammering inside her chest.
He tilted his head to the side as if studying his prey.
Brigid didn’t know if she should run, or step into his massive arms.
He took a step towards her, and her pulse quickened. The very air around her seemed electrified. He then took another…and another until he stood merely inches in front of her.
Her breathing became labored as he bent his head leaning close to her ear. She was engulfed in a sensual haze wanting his lips to touch her anywhere and put an end to her torture. His mouth was so close that she could feel a dark lock of his hair against her cheek, and she shuddered.
“Bring me back my sword,” he growled into her ear.
Brigid’s eyes flew open, her hands clutching the sheets, as the last fragments of her dream faded.



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  1. Thanks so much, Angela, for letting me participate on your blog. Also, one more note of thanks to all the new authors I've made friends with along my journey. The support and friendships have been so uplifting.

    1. Welcome Mary. I too am so thankful for the support and friendship of our fellow authors, bloggers, reviewers, and publishers that have all helped to make our publishing dreams come true. And especially the readers who support will allow us to continue to live out our dreams. I loved Dragon Knight's Sword and can't wait for Dragon Knight's Medallion and the rest of the series.

  2. Hi Angela and Mary!!!!! I cannot wait for Dragon Knight's Medallion to come out!! Happy Thanksgiving ladies!