Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful Author- Loreen Augeri

November 26, 2014
Featuring Loreen Augeri

What I'm Thankful For

I am thankful for my supportive husband and my two wonderful daughters.


Loreen Augeri has always liked to read and write. As a young child, she created stories featuring a young girl and her loyal horse. Riding was her favorite pastime.
 She started reading historical romances when her children were babies. When her youngest daughter started school, she decided she wanted to write a novel. At first, to see if she could, later as a hobby, and then seeking publication. Joining Romance Writers of America and her local chapter helped in the process.

Loreen lives in Massachusetts with her husband of 33 years and her two adult daughters. When she is not reading or writing, she enjoys walking, dancing, and spending time at the beach.
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Captain Morgan Danvers sets sail to rescue his brother, kidnapped by pirates. Fearing he will become like his father who abandoned him, he has cut himself off from his emotions. Then a willful stowaway crashes into his life, awakening dormant feelings and firing his lust. Soon he finds his all-important honor threatened, for even though he is betrothed to another, he is drawn to her against his will.

Arianna Pemberton hides in a barrel she thinks will be loaded on her brother's ship but lands on Morgan's brig. Her father has forbidden her to sail, and this is her only course of action. Unwilling to allow a man to control her, she is determined to make her way as a seaman, a profession she knows and loves. But when Captain Danvers discovers her deception, he refuses to permit her to prove herself. As she struggles to convince him, unwanted passion emerges, jeopardizing her plans for independence.


Throwing open the door to his cabin, he pushed her inside, entered, and slammed it shut. He remembered doing this once already today. He hoped this time would be the last. Morgan folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the door.

She stood defiantly before him as her perfect, seductive chest rose and fell in a swift rhythm. From the quick trip down here, fear, or anger, he couldn’t tell. She acted the opposite of every female he had ever encountered.

“Now, let’s get a few things straight. I run this ship. I am the captain. I am king on the Sea Dragon. You obey my rules. And the first one is, you go where I tell you and stay there until I command otherwise.” A paper from the top of his desk floated to the floor, reminding him of her other infraction and possible spying. “And you never, ever, touch my belongings.” He swung his arm in a wide arc. “This is not how I left my cabin. Return it to its previous condition.”


“Quiet!” he roared. “I am not finished. You will remove those clothes and dress as a female should.” He stalked toward her.

She instinctively stepped back.

He snatched the cap off her head, and sunshine spilled out. Ensnared by her golden beauty, he stilled and pictured her hair unbound, enveloping her curves, enveloping him. He shook himself. Her allure would not save her. He was immune to feminine charms. Morgan shoved the wool cap at her, and she caught it in her hands. “Women do not wear these.”

“Are you finished?” She stood straight and tall. All five feet of her.

He nodded.

“I’m sorry I made a mess of your cabin, but you left me no choice. I needed to find a way out.”

“Why? I explicitly stated you were to remain. I even locked you in.” His gaze searched the cabin. “How did you escape?”

“I used the key.”

“How did you get it?” A sudden thought struck. “From Mark? Is he the one who let you out?” Morgan spun toward the door to summon the boy. She grabbed his arm to stop him, and a shocking sizzle shot through him.

An indrawn breath escaped her. She immediately released him and clasped her hands together in front of her, the knuckles white, her arms tense. “He had nothing to do with me leaving the cabin. It was all my idea.” The words tumbled from her mouth.

Morgan strove to ignore the tingling sensation running up and down his arm and to summon back the anger that had seeped from him. He held out his hand palm up. “Give me the key.”

She brushed blonde wisps of hair from her face. “I don’t have it.”

“Where is it?”

She hesitated. “At the bottom of the ocean.”

Lost Honor is available in e-book and paperback from The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble online.
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The Wild Rose Press e-book

The Wild Rose Press paperback

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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog today, Angela.

    1. It's great to have you today Loreen. Your excerpt is awesome, especially that last line, "At the bottom of the ocean." A great hook to keep the reader wanting more.

  2. So wonderful that you have a family who supports your writing! Intriguing excerpt from Lost Honor :) Can't wait to read the book. Best of luck.

    1. I'm glad you liked the excerpt. Thanks for commenting, Barbara.

  3. Oh, wonderful, wonderful excerpt! I'm a huge naval fan, so I have to hunt down your book right away.
    Oh! And how wonderful all the things you're thankful for!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Red. I hope you enjoy Lost Honor.

  4. Lovely excerpt. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! I tweeted.

  5. I loved the excerpt, very intriguing. Good luck.