Monday, September 8, 2014

Post's for this week's releases

Don't delay, download today.

He's all wrong for Lobster Cove...but he might be just right for her. Heavy Netting @nickigreenwood

Reality TV gets all too real. Reality Re-Do Ally Hayes @Partlyhazy

Some call him a ruthless mercenary; she calls him the knight of her heart. The Heart of the Phoenix @BarbaraBettis

Seducing Avery and The Billionaire Bargain in Seduced by the Billionaire by @BarbHanAuthor

Suspicions, a kidnapping cold case, and a wicked enemy. Legacy of Deception Johanna Riley @jjmelmel

Are they reincarnated lovers tragically separated over a hundred years ago? Always Yellow Roses Lynn Shurr

His desire is to dominate, to punish…to enslave her. Siren Slave by Aurora Styles

Murder and ghostly pleas bring questions and a search for answers. The Harvest Club by Iona Morrison @ionacrv

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