Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A short and spicy read- Review for Mickey J. Corrigan

Hi all, hope you're having a great summer. If you're looking to spice it up with a great read, I highly recommend Mickey J. Corrigan's- F*ck Normal. Read on for my review and be sure to follow the links below to get a copy for yourself.

  Review for F*ck Normal

Once again Ms. Corrigan has managed to pull me out of my comfort zone. I’m a little boring, so this is a perfect detour for me. Her new book, F*ck Normal, published by Bottom Drawer Publications is sure to be a winner. A short 98 pages, this super spicy story is bound to earn its way onto your favorites list.

From the first chapter, Ms. Corrigan paints a wonderful picture with her words and fantastic sense of humor, immediately putting her leading man, Bart Fiske in a bit of a hard place- pun intended.  
During a session with their marriage counselor, Bart’s wife Katelyn, backed by her all too encouraging best friend and their one-sided therapist, takes off the gloves and issues Bart an ultimatum regarding his private thoughts concerning an old flame.
Rising to the challenge Bart, given the go ahead by Katelyn to indulge himself with his old flame finally works up the courage to approach the “one who got away”. In a twist, just when Bart gets the chance, he finds his thoughts- once filled with his flame replaced by those of his wife.
A wife ready for a little excitement. Off to lick her wounds, Katelyn falls victim to peer pressure, overloaded hormones, and some pricey wine, all thanks to that best friend of hers.
When fantasy and excitement turn out to be too much of a good thing for these individuals, they realize a good thing is just what they had together and decide to give it another chance.

Reviewers Opinion:
I love happy endings and this one worked out perfectly.
It was that opening scene that immediately endeared me to Bart, almost immediately putting me in his cheering section. And I have to say that after seeing Bart in the opening scene and knowing his thoughts before meeting Katelyn, I didn’t like Katelyn too much- she seemed spoiled and petty. But I can say that I saw her point for being upset with Bart. Every person wants to be the only one their spouse thinks about and it messes with our head if/when we aren’t.
I am just so glad that the “exciting” situation she found herself in put her thoughts back into prospective where her husband and their marriage were concerned. Just like I’m so glad that Bart’s foray into making his fantasy come true was such a flop.
By the end of this book, through Ms. Corrigan’s excellent writing, I was cheering for both characters as they made their way back to each other- each remembering the character points that made them fall in love in the first place.
Well done. I give this little book a big five hearts.


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