Saturday, May 24, 2014

Author Interview- Mickey J. Corrigan

Happy Saturday All, we've got author Micky J. Corrigan on the blog today. Read on to find out about her free read from publisher The Wild Rose Press, and to see what makes her tick.

Tell me three words that describe yourself starting with A, B, and C.

A. Fun. But…
B. Moody (I'm a writer type with an Irish dark side). And…
Hot-tempered! (Watch out!)

What are your three favorite things?

1. Laughing. 2. Being out in nature on a beautiful day.  3.Hot sex. (Imagine doing all these things at once!!)

What for you is the best part of writing?

The best part of writing is losing myself in a creative whirlwind in which I fall into a kind of timeless dream and have no idea where I'm going or where I will end up. This is the wild ride to a story. I also love editing (and I edit others' work as a profession), which to me is like solving interesting puzzles and making order out of chaos. This keeps my brain active and out of trouble (most of the time).

What is the worst?

I could do without the self-loathing, as one of my writer friends said recently. It's awfully hard to maintain one's confidence under a rushing stream of rude, impersonal, even kind and gentle rejections.

Will there be more books in your series, or can you tell us about any previous books?

Book #1 in the Hard Stuff series is WhiskeySour Noir, an end of the world novella about a young woman who works at a homeless shelter and falls in love with a sex offender.  This one is dark.

Book #2 is Vodka Warrior and it's really zany. The protagonist is drinking too much when she meets the new guy next door, a personal trainer who fancies strippers—in his hot tub, and at all hours. The friction between the two neighbors builds.

Book #3 and Book #4 are still in press. Tequila Dirty and RealLife Rum are both crazy stories, each one focused on a sassy woman who finds herself involved in a terrible crime.

I love writing this series. All the women live in Dusky Beach, a seedy little seaside town in Florida. These women are tough chicks dealing with tough times when a gorgeous guy comes along—and it isn't a good idea to get involved, but they just can't resist. I'm having a lot of fun writing the Hard Stuff.

Favorite item of clothing in your closet?

I wore a pair of boot cut jeans for ten years, then I cut them into shorts to wear at my desk for many more years. I couldn't wear them outside, they were ripped to shreds. Now they are tacked to my wall. What does this say about me? (see photo)

Brief Bio:
Mickey J. Corrigan writes hot romance and Florida pulp. Mickey's stories have appeared in anthologies and online publications, and she has published more than half a dozen novellas with a variety of digital presses and the novel Sugar Babies, a romantic thriller. The Wild Rose Press is publishing her series The Hard Stuff, hot and sassy novellas about about tough women in tough situations who fall in love.
 Mai Tai Guy is a Free Read to introduce the series.

When I was seventeen, I had the perfect boyfriend. Nothing fancy, he went straight to my hips. He looked good on me. He was all mine early on and he should have stayed that way. Too bad, because now he's the most successful businessman in town and I'm just not over easy. Yes, it's been decades, but every five years our high school reunion has brought us together. With hot, then cold results. Now he's on the menu again. And this time I have my own delicious way of making sure our meet-up will truly satisfy.

Life is like a menu. You've got to make choices or you'll stuff or starve. I was never talented at the selection process. Clothes, lovers, hairstyles, jobs, real estate, BFFs, food: I’ve always made wildly random or slightly psychotic decisions. A few times in my life, however, I’ve bull’s-eyed. My high school boyfriend, for example, was perfectly on target.
Nothing fancy, he went straight to my hips. Plus, he liked me as a person. He looked good on me. Now, if that's not the perfect man menu, I don't know what would be.
He was all mine early on and he should have stayed that way. I thought he would. When we were seventeen, we were a power couple. I loved us.
We worked after school and on weekends at the local pancake house. I was Harried Young Waitress Over Easy. He was Cute Boy Under Glass. You could see him back there at the grill in his funny toque as soon as you walked in the front door.
Actually, another early flame of mine worked at Pancake King, too. The two guys were neighbors and best friends, but that didn’t stop me from necking with both of them. When I call it necking, you imagine fully clothed couples in dark corners, right? Choice of words is important here. I want you to like me.
Yes, I was a little loosey goosey. But really, my high school boyfriend was the long-range guy for me. Only I didn't know it then. I was a dozen lovers away from realizing there's one man for every woman. Like the ideal pairing: Bordeaux and Stilton cheese, Irish potatoes and freshly grated black pepper, Louisiana shrimp and minced garlic. These are the kind of tastes one develops with time and experience. As kids, our choices seemed unlimited, like you can have yourself one or both. Even more, if you want. It seems like you can have yourself everything on the menu. 


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Mai Tai Guy is only available on The Wild Rose Press website; you can get your FREE READ download by clicking here:


Mickey was kind enough to include a free copy of Mai Tai Guy for me to read when she approched me about hosting her on my blog. Previous to this I also had the chance to read, Whiskey Sour Noir. 

I have to say that Mickey and I are complete opposites. I'm very modest with a tame, almost timid writing style. 

Mickey seems very carefree, open, and wild (in all the good ways). She has a hard and gritty writing style (one that frankly I'm envious of, as it shows true talent) that pulls the reader in, taking them out of their comfort zone and into a world of her own creation where the lines between right and wrong a blurred. Mickey has so accurately captured the baser side of humanity that you find yourself truly vested in the characters she's brought to life, rooting them on until the very end.

Mai Tai Guy and Whiskey Sour Noir are excellent reads when you need to take that all important step out of your comfort zone and shake things up. I give them both four hearts.


  1. Thanks for being with us today Mickey and congrats on your many books, both published and in the process of. Did you have a particular inspiration for this series or was it something that made you want to push the limits of your writing?

    1. Thanks for hosting me. Love your site. Really well done.

      I'm not sure what inspired the Hard Stuff series. First I came up with the title Whiskey Sour Noir and felt it deserved a dark story to go with it. Dusky Beach grew on me. I love exploring it in each novella; it's such a dark place in the hot sun and life there is not easy. But there's humor--and, of course, love.

  2. Great interview guys. Loves the Q&A :-)