Friday, April 4, 2014

Author Interview- Larry Farmer

Happy Friday readers, I've got new author Larry Farmer with us today. Welcome Larry, tell me three words that describe yourself.

   Old fashioned, sentimental, fun

  What are your three favorite things?
   Family, history, adventure

Was there any particular inspiration for your characters or story?
      My son in the Marines

How much is your character like you?
     98 percent

 If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would it be?

     Hank Williams

Dalhart McIlhenny is restless after finishing college. With old school values from his rural upbringing in Texas and a chip on his shoulder from being a Marine during the Age of Aquarius, he sets off on a quest. He wants something different in his life. Something others of his generation wouldn't understand.
The Indian Capital of America. That's what they call Gallup, New Mexico, and that's where he'll search for whatever it is he wants. But first he must find a job. One no one else wants. One as a laborer for minimum wage for the Kerr Construction Company, working with the local Navajo and with illegal aliens. Far away from the fast cars and parties he doesn't care about like others do. He becomes best friends with an ex-bullfighter from Durango and finds allure in just trying to survive in a world that doesn't care. Then he meets Carmen.

“Quitting time, McIlhenny,” I heard Ira shout.
“Another five minutes,” I shouted back.
“I’ll load up,” he answered. “Oh yeah, another thing.”
“What’s that?” I asked when he didn’t follow through.
“Didn’t you say you used to play football?” he asked.
“You’re a fast runner, right?”
What does that mean? “Yeah,” I answered again.
“You better be. This is a stick of dynamite here in my hand.”
He lit it and threw it my direction. I didn’t look back until I heard the explosion. There was a hole ten yards from where I used to be.
“Come on,” he shouted again, not bothering to laugh. “Let’s go home. Go get your shovel if it’s still there.”

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Will release on The Wild Rose Press in late May with a world wide release on July 23rd.


  1. Welcome Larry. Thanks for being with us today. Your excerpt gets us started with a "bang". Terrible pun I know! Best of luck with your book.

  2. It's time for an old-fashioned author with a questing, questioning twist or two or three! Good Luck!

  3. Oh, my. That's one dang eager-to-go-home guy. Is he the boss? :) Sounds like a really interesting book, Larry. I wish you the very best with it. Barb Bettis

  4. He was the field foreman. A Navajo Indian. Very fun to work with if you didn't get blown up. Huge guy. Huge arms. I'm 6'3" 205 exMarine at the time and his arms were as big as my legs. He loved me to death. That's what they did for fun. And it was fun. If you didn't get blown up.