Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Week's Free Books

This week's free books are here. Download them as quick as you can.

#FREE She’s hoping he won't give up easily. He never backs away from a challenge. The Convent Rose @kindlefreebook 
#FREE Hunted by a notorious vamp, they’ll need instinct and trust to stay alive. Eden's Charms @kindlefreebook 

#FREE Was it a murder-suicide, or was it something far more sinister? Framed by Nikki Andrews @KindleFreeOne 

#FREE The police need a scapegoat and their sights are dead set on Sam. The Black Palmetto@PaulCarr9 @Kindleebooks 

#FREE Can a friendship sustain the aftermath of a passionate evening? Poolside Pleasure by Renee Ashley @Kindleebooks @kindlefreebook

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