6 Words Better

November 2018

1- Hearts delight, souls rejoice, missing half.
2- Loves me even when I'm unlovable.
3- Warm kitchen, good food, loud laughter.
4- Board with hole, bag with beans.
5- Messy buns, soft laughter, liquid love.
6- Years apart vanish in an instant.
7- Selfies and sleepovers, sisters at heart
8- Fowl on the loose. Get him!
9-Seed of faith reaped with love
10- Golden gourds speak of autumn delight
11- Roll Tide! Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer
12- Tunes of childhood sang in firelight

October 2018

1- Creeper, crawling, mind is falling. Dark!
2- Stone cold brew, warm filling stew.
3- sugar rush, munch, munch. Candy coma.
4- Bloody Mary, yell and moan. Scream!
5- Ding dong, Where's the candy gone?
6- Mrs.Bones, there she flies above!
7- The cellar, dark, dank, and full.
8- Zombie ball, dance your brains out!
9- Pranked by werewolves and vampire bats.
10- Cauldron stew served nightly. Witchy brew.
11- The omen speaks; harbinger of death.
12- Grave digger set out the bells.
13- Scarecrow- blank eyes, menacing smile. Evil!
14- Favorite candy, sugar, sweet, melt, dissolve.
15- Goosebumps rise, hair stands on end.
16- House for sale, friendly ghost included.
17- The thirst is real. Drink coffee!
18- Got brains? Ghoul- oriented? Apply today!
19- Beware, for after midnight, terror reigns.
20- Prize pumpkin wanted: See Fairy Godmother.
21- Possessed, we call for the priests!
22- Greetings, welcome to your worst nightmare.
23- Centuries old the ancestor's curse lingers.
24- The crows take flight at dawn.
25-Running, gasping, terror, pain, blood, bitten?
26- Changing leaves, autumn breeze, fall treat.
27- Not the spookiest place, is it?
28- Mischief makers, thrill seekers, bookworms unite!
29- Shadow lurker, big ears, silent, eavesdropper.
30- Dust covered, hidden within the catacombs.
31- Ghouls delight at Monster party invite.

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